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  1. Probably is but they all seem to be made that way. Here's one from online like the one I have. Pete
  2. There's a brass grommet in the end for the lanyard so I suspect it may have been manufactured that way. Pete
  3. Just picked up an SRU-21/P Aviators Survival Vest with these flares marked DOM 12-72. Vest is 100% complete (except for S&W .38 cal) with working PRC-90 in what looks like new condition and working strobe with original battery. Pete
  4. Picked up a complete SRU-21/P Vest with working PRC-90 and strobe. Here's the flare pen with DOM of 12-72 on the flares. Pete
  5. Here are a couple of flare kits; Penguin and I believe a Gyro Jet although it's not marked as such. Anyone know what these are going for these days?
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