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    USAF SEA Patch groups ID"d. F105/F4/F111 crew. Others considered.
    British Mutiny Medals
    USN Yangtze Gunboat ID'd Medals 1921-42

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  1. Shocked! Had a email conversation with Bob last month no mention of problems. He and I shared tables at The Great Western several times and his knowledge was always a great help. He will be missed by many including myself. R.I.P. Marine!
  2. Keep them high and dry! Lead can be a problem. Those are superb!
  3. Did you get the bullion name tag with it? Great Korean War Japanese Mfr patch! All correct!
  4. Hi Bob! I'll take the RO and the Para Instructor wings. $25 to you PayPal address which is?


    Bob Baird

  5. Wonderful photos! I was lucky enough to spend my early just pre-teens in Honolulu and Hickam 1950-53. Great fun was searching the many bunkers and trashed building from WW2 between Hickam and John Rogers Field! I was able to visit the Islands many times in my flying career and still a magic place!
  6. No Unit Citations for VN ( Everyone was authorized at least one)...no UN Korea ribbon with a Korea War Service ? Nic Party Suit!
  7. Buttons undone...perhaps he did also a hand in coat ala Napoleon style photo. That was done often in both the CSA and Union Army. Just a guess. I am sure he would have done more then one pose.
  8. "Halsey's Typhoon" a great book on the subject.
  9. Thanks for letting us know on his passing. R.I.P.
  10. Hack was in the 25th In Korea of course so entirely correct if he chose that unit as a former combat assignment.
  11. Aloha! Superb! Spent my 12 - 15 year old life roaming the various mil bases on Oahu ( 1950 -53). Wonderful years! Yes a Air Force Brat in those days! Hey the ANG was flying F-47's. Watched some segments of " FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" being filmed. Drat missed the beach scene!
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