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  1. When I was in Vietnam in 1969 a guy gave me this patch. I put it away with the rest of my stuff until recently while searching out a specific beret for a friend. In looking around this site and on the internet I cant find out any information about it. The Blacksheep were an important part of history and I dont want to discount the patch as having at least some interest to the Vietnam era without confirmation that it is not an important part of the military. A few Questions 1. What are the differences between VMA and VMF beyond one was called an Marine ATTACK Squadron and the other was a
  2. double posted huh? Well, If anyone is interested or would like to take a tour on the Rivers here are a few sites you should like. http://www.rivervet.com (turn up the volume) http://www.riverinesailor.com http://www.mrfa.org also, here is the Mobile Riverine Force Association page with views of original patches of the time. http://www.mrfa.org/pdf/Products.Catalog6.10.pdf As for me, my journey is ongoing. Thanks Again Steve RAS 13 A-7
  3. Far be it from me to step on anyones grave and I hope that the beret is original. At that time river sailors were a raggety group of guys that had no uniform to speak of, Hell, only way to recognize a river sailor was that he was not in a uniform. The uniform of the day was no shirt, cutoffs and shower shoes liberally doused with bug repellant. I DO remember the draw cutting ceremonies and the beer flowing after someones first fire fight. My Brother sent me a picture of my Beret and I hope I can get it posted. This is a fairly complex board but I think I have found what I have been looking
  4. All Bull, I looked at the site you posted as reference and don't get me wrong but while there are many many patterns of camo used in vietnam in different areas that one dosn't ring a bell either. There was tiger stripe camo used in riverine uniforms before I was in country"pre 69/70" but that does not appear to be Tiger. I guess what I am saying is I personally never saw that design while I was there on the boats. a few reasons. 1. If it was an original and worn by someone that was on the boats for more than a week the draw would have been cut. After you got into your first fire fi
  5. Black berets were worn by guys on the pbr's (Patrol Boat River) they were made of wool if I remember correctly and their River Divisions were numbered in the 500's like 515, 593 Etc.. We patrolled together but they were seperate units. PBR sailors all wore black berets and they were all in River Patrol Force - TF 116. " River Assault squadron 9, 11, 13 & 15 were in Task Force 117 of the "Mobile Riverine Force. These were called the "HEAVYS" as they were Ironclad. They all wore what I am finding out through my research for one to buy was Lowland pattern camo. I am trying to get a pictur
  6. Bayonetman, I hope you didn't purchase the 13 beret yet. I was in RAS 13 and we didn't wear black berets, they were camo and that patch does not look right either.
  7. I can't thank you guys enough. I will contact them this week and let you know what I find. Thanks
  8. Hello, First off, I am not a collector but after nosing around the site for awhile there is some really interesting stuff that i had no idea existed. I am trying to acquire an authentic Vietnam era ERDL poplin camo beret we wore back in 68-69. They were issued to Mobile Riverine Force Sailors in in the River Assault Squadrons. A Brother river sailor has been helping me with a disability claim brought on by exposure to Agent Orange and I have been looking for an original beret like the one he lost over forty years ago before he came home. Through my research it is a lowland woodland pattern.
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