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  1. The link is to the auction. The USMC Raider Stiletto is lot #10. I have always have have mixed feelings about these knives. I had a friend that had a MINT one and I do not use mint very often. His went from a 10 to a 4 when the guard fell apart. I think they are all going to come apart at sometime. https://www.proxibid.com/Montrose-Auction-Inc/Public-Firearms-Auction-Gene-Blalock-Estate/event-catalog/185567 Dennis aka nifman
  2. There is a nice one , but not as nice as the one on the thread coming up in a auction tommorrow. I am not sure if it is OK to post a link to the auction. If it is OK I ill put the link up. Dennis aka nifman
  3. Does it have a serial # Here is a link to date the GERBER https://militarycarryknives.com/MKDATETABLE/MkDateTable.htm Dennis aka nifman
  4. Did the seller give you this letter? Was the seller the person who authenticated the knife? What is the pig nosed on the handle?That was a fast turnaround on the new handle. Thanks Dennis aka nifman
  5. You have a WW2 era Ideal. During WW2 they went to the plastic pommel probably aluminum was hard to get. The sheaths also did not have a Marbles stamp. I have not seen any site that has information. Dennis aka nifman
  6. Thanks I was never sure. I have had around 12 and about 1/2 had the correct sheath I think I am going on memory I think I have around 6 or 7 in my show stuff. I have had mint knives but never a mint sheath. I am amazed how much the members know about the sheaths. I live in NW lower Mi and Mark 2's are just not big sellers. I have sold Marbles knives for 25 years or so and I have good buyers for good stuff. Switchblades have been hot since Mi legalized them. Dennis
  7. Has anyone seen a leather cover over the sheath like the one in the link?I think the early spanner nut knives came in a leather sheath. I have had and still have a bunch and they all came in leather.Anyone know what the right leather sheath is? Dennis aka nifman
  8. Wow I have never even thought about this going on. Dennis
  9. The plastic handles are commonly called Brain. I do not know if they were on any issue knives, something to research. By the way the brain handles are around for sale once and a while. There is a set on sharperdeals auction site right now. If I am not supposed to talk about a current auction let me know and I will edit my post. Dennis aka nifman
  10. I have never seen one in person, but everything I have read says they are very rare and worth a lot of much more than a standard knife. The seller had it with a buy it now price and it was a lot but I could not find the listing to see what he wanted. I guess now we will find out how much it is worth. I had not heard they were made with a bayonet blade. It seems like at least one picture had the R36 on the blade. Dennis aka nifman
  11. Hello Great find. Are there any potential legal problems before it is demilled? Dennis
  12. Here is a link to info on the Aerial knives. http://www.sharperdeal.biz/forums/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=12729 Dennis aka nifman
  13. There are some good knives from what I can see. The third knife with a bail may be a Schrade Walden and if so not issued by the military. Still if it works a good knife. If you go to the second picture the sixth knife with the bone handle look at how the blade point is above the handles. This is called peeking and does affect the value quite a bit. I would venture the dealer knows what he as.In the first picture the fifth knife over with the stag handles is a parts knife made Olsen knife company in MI. The real ones were made by AEIREL in the 20's and does not have die cast release lever. Eve
  14. I have had very good deals from Mason76. His son also has stellar items. Dennis aka nifman
  15. I had a set of three in a leather roll but the leather was not marked. Dennis aka nifman
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