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  1. Junk. I'd pay $30 to add it to my "uglies" side collection.
  2. john k

    Real or Repro?

    It's a first pattern jacket, much less common than the later ones. $50 is a steal!
  3. I didn't see anything obviously wrong, except that it looked to me like a perfect fantasy piece. Double painted, 2x highly desirable Normandy divisions, all it's missing is the follow me stripe. Eternal skeptic here. I hope somebody did get lucky.
  4. It should be a tight or almost difficult fit. You have to sort of hold the tension on the spring clip as you bring it around so that it feels like it won't fit but then it just barley does fit. Hard to put into words, but keep tinkering carefully and you'll probably get it to work.
  5. Is there a website, flyer or any info available about this show? I can't seem to find anything except info about the May 19 show.
  6. john k

    New Toy

    The M4 fits nicely.
  7. john k

    New Toy

    The M4 fits nicely.
  8. Very nice. What about the name on the chinstrap? Could "Berard" be a first name?
  9. The liner is definitely post WW2 (OD7 webbing)
  10. Yes, not a lot of militaria shopping around. Collings / American heritage musem is well worth the $20 to visit in my opinion. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/318718-new-tank-military-vechicle-museum-stow-mass/ Also it's not much for militaria, but there is the Marlborough Gun show this weekend. Better than nothing and only about a 15 min drive from Collings.
  11. Usually the easy way to identify the rim material is that once the paint wears a bit stainless will be shiny and won't rust, whereas manganese rusts and doesn't stay shiny at all. (this is why the material was changed, shiny rims are not good for camouflage). Also the heat stamp 156 is way early for a rear seam McCord helmet. (McCord and Schlueter are the two main manufactures. McCords are about 10x as common. Heat stamp ranges are completely different for Schlueters with their numbers running way lower for any given date, and Schlueters will have a larger S below the heat stamp) I'll bet if you look really closely you might find another 1 to make it 1156 (I think I see a hint of that extra 1 in the picture but can't say for sure)
  12. The "bail" (or "loop") are the things that the cotton chinstraps attach to on the "shell". "Swivel bails" literally move or swivel and are made up of a base and a wire loop. "fixed bails" are not movable, metal loops welded directly to the shell. Fixed bail helmets are earlier production, and swivel bails later, being mid1944 to post war production. Warning, Helmets can get addictive. Just sayin... Edit, adding; They ^ type faster than I do.
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