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  1. Thanks for catching my error on the town. The street address changed due to a new access road that comes out on the main road in Hudson Ma. Not Stow Ma. Same grounds / physical location as the Collings Foundation, but a better access route and different address. Jk
  2. They may not be worth a lot, but sure are nice knives. But yea, oddly low value for such an iconic blade.
  3. Painted helmets are very desirable, and as such are an absolute "minefield" for us collectors. There are MANY fakes out there for every original, and originals fetch big bucks hence the many fakes. It's very common for sellers to absolutely believe what they have is real when in fact it's not. With painted lids, it's guilty (fake) until proven innocent (potentially original). As I said earlier, it's not personal. Skepticism is necessary on this topic. Sorry for any bad manners.
  4. In the first, second and third pictures it appears that the weld marks where the bales are attached show from the outside. Seems to suggest welding after painting? No? Field repair or fake?
  5. Perfectly fair. I'm cynical first and trusting second. I said what I said and can't take it back. Good luck with the sale.
  6. It just looks shady to me without the suggested return policy. This is the internet, nothing personal. I would consider bidding quite a bit if there was a solid (ebay valid) return policy. (ie, I would feel MUCH better as a potential buyer, and you might just get a much better price as the seller). Again, nothing personal. We have had people use and exploit this forum in the past to aid in sales on ebay / other sites.
  7. Yes, that’s totally fair. At the same time, and particularly when in item maybe more less in question (like any painted helmet), a return policy =‘s in hand inspection. No return policy =‘s gamble based on the pictures in the listing. The seller and friend pulling the listing because this thread raised questions, and then relisting after it got some more favorable input here makes me all the more reluctant without a return policy. That’s all I’m saying. You are right, caveat emptor.
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