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  1. Just viewed one on facebook that has 506 heat stamp.
  2. Let's not forget the Nomex camo uniform for flight and air crew's.
  3. That would be the regular bdu when they first came out, not the hot weather set. I entered basic in 82 Jan and had white labels. No hot temp out yet ss well as the camo coat. Still wore the od green over camo with od pile cap.
  4. Woman asked for my help in identifying the DUI but doesn't look familiar to me. It has a paratrooper liner inside from WW2. It looks like a projectile of some sort.
  5. I believe it's Field Artillery and not Coast because there is no projectile on the center of the cross canons. What would be the significance of Wash. DC to have an artillery pin like that. Was this done to infantry , engineer or signal branch as well?
  6. Hi. Anyone knows what the DC stood for on this artillery pin back made by Myers, NY?
  7. I have 2 helmets with single digits. Both are front seams. One has a #9, the other has a #0 and is a fixed bail. I too believe the stamping was either too light or mis-stamp .The one with the #9 appeared to have been a fixed bail at one time because of the weld marks on it and the swivel bails look hastily put on w/welding on the outside of the base.
  8. I've run into them often when dealing with post Korean, early Vietnam helmets. They have the same steel hardware for the bails to attach. I believe there's a fellow on Ebay that sells used chinstraps and he too runs into a number of them as well. How many of these euroclones could of possibly infiltrated US stock?
  9. EBay sellers are notorious for selling WW2 helmets as WW1 models. Note the shined brim seam. WW1 types do not have that.
  10. I have the same chin straps but with brass hardware. Any reason for this or was there a particular manufacturer that used brass?
  11. None in the state guard. Most would have NYG on their DUI's. 26th Regiment is close to the 105th and the 5th as well.
  12. Which version of the 226th is being shown, the one with the pac stars or the palm tree? Which one is the official, actual DUI?
  13. I have the field artillery reference volumes by Sawicki but have to check my storage unit to find them. I'm sure there's info on both of these there.
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