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  1. Hi. I see it on ebay,imo postwar art. cheers
  2. I think both are commemorative helmet with artwork do after war. Same write on both helmet,same misspelling,and same flame and blue star on earcup..... i see auction on ebay and i leave it beacuse i don't think is a war period work.
  3. Thanks for your help! I solved the problem with m-1961 m-14 pouch and m-1941 suspender.
  4. Another picture... Here you can clearly see where supports.
  5. The passes of the M-16 pouch...
  6. I have a question for you,if you can help me? I've seen pictures of Marines in Vietnam who wear the M-1956 webbing system with M-16 pouch. I try to compose a dummy with this set up but the M-16 pouch make the vest stay in place too high... Maybe the Marines used only the belt without the belt straps? Or i did somenthing wrong? I notice that the one locks the vest are the passes of pouch... Here are the picture.
  7. Hello I want to share with you my new find. It's a Vietnam USMC flak vest M-1955 2nd pattern date 1968. Is nearly mint complete and untuched. Hope you like it.
  8. Thank you.. I'm happy that you like it! Grazie mille sono contanto che ti e' piaciuto! Un saluto
  9. Thanks all for your opinions! Justin your helmet is very superb piece. My helmet is a common piece,nothing of great,but i like it.
  10. Hello I don't know if the cover came from e-bay... I bought the helmet long time a go for 90 dollars with cover. I do not know 'if' was artificially aged,I think it is difficult to determine. I think certainly there are always difference from outside to inside! The picture are small,if i could put some more big I could make you see in detail some points that I think make it clear that the parties are together for a long time. Eventually I might even wash the cover but I do not think it's worth it.
  11. Hello Definitely the cover exeternally are more faded because of the sun light and external event. Internally instead of beig covered is more dark than exterior..i think is quite logical.
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