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  1. I think both are commemorative helmet with artwork do after war. Same write on both helmet,same misspelling,and same flame and blue star on earcup..... i see auction on ebay and i leave it beacuse i don't think is a war period work.
  2. Thanks for your help! I solved the problem with m-1961 m-14 pouch and m-1941 suspender.
  3. Another picture... Here you can clearly see where supports.
  4. The passes of the M-16 pouch...
  5. I have a question for you,if you can help me? I've seen pictures of Marines in Vietnam who wear the M-1956 webbing system with M-16 pouch. I try to compose a dummy with this set up but the M-16 pouch make the vest stay in place too high... Maybe the Marines used only the belt without the belt straps? Or i did somenthing wrong? I notice that the one locks the vest are the passes of pouch... Here are the picture.
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