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  1. Hi I’m interested in the knife. 2629604759

  2. Hi, I’ll take the m2 knife. Please call kraig at 262-960-4759

  3. Hi I am interested please call 262-960-4759 kraig

  4. Thank you all for the help! You saved me from making a very poor investment! Kraig
  5. I have been able to find three original photos of patches. Non look like bullion where Geronimo is lettered. Do you know where we can find a picture of the paky copy? Thanks
  6. This does not look like the same patch but it’s very close.
  7. Please take a look at this jacket and share with me your thoughts on authenticity. A friend of mine in Italy has found this jacket for sale. I believe that it is authentic. Thoughts please. The site says all my pictures are too large to load. I will be happy to email any of you pictures. My email is kraig.a.tabor@outlook.com
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