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  1. That's a great idea. I'll see if a jewelers loop used on the actual photo will show anything. I thought maybe someone could identify the sergeant's distinct mug!
  2. Hi Rob, I tried zooming in with a magnifying glass but couldn't get a clear enough view. I wonder how or where I could get a higher end magnification? I'm pretty sure they could be read and IDed.
  3. Yes, Beast, it's marked W.R. Thompson & Co. Richmond, VA.
  4. I posted an Airborne photo recently trying to get some ideas of a unit identification. Must have gone over well because there were zero replies. I just noticed from one of the shots that there appears to be twin brothers in the same group, one of them without jump wings so maybe he was recently transferred in. I thought it was interesting anyway
  5. Just got a yard long group photo of paratroopers wearing Airborne Command patches. Would like to ID the regiment but can't make out the numbers on the officers infantry insignia. The guidon flag shows E Co. Wanted to see if anyone could pinpoint the group or ID any of the officers/men shown. Thanks! Rick
  6. I found this post card and wanted to get some opinions whether or not these Marines could be "Code Talkers." There's nothing written on the back, but at the top is written "The Chief" with an arrow pointing to one of the men. Thanks! Rick
  7. Love the distinctive look of the Juarez wings! This is a Lampl Pilot wing I have that's made of Coin Silver and appears to have been jeweler modified with an L.
  8. Below I will attach photos of all the Company Guidons. (HQ, A, B, C and RcN Co.) along with a photo of the U.S. flag which is set as the centerpiece along with the high ranking Regimental officers.
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