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  1. Thanks Christian, That definitive helped. So back in 1943 he was indeed already at Easy Company, 325th GIR.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply Mr "Cevensky". I have that kind of roster too. This is a general Roll of Honour list of the 325th. Rick mentioned about a roster of Easy Company from February/March 1944. I wonder if Mr. Matysak is also on that roster. I know that Mr. Matysak was enlisted at Camp Grant (ILL) back at 26 March 1942. But I am not sure when he was in Easy Company. So if he is already at the roster from early 1944, than I can imagine in which campaigns he was involved. Hopefully there is also some information in which platoon/squad he was in and what his job was.
  3. Hi Rick, That's really stunning collection you have. Is your uncle still alive? I wonder if you could help me with my research? I adopted a grave from a gliderman from Easy Company, (2nd bat) 325th GIR. He died at 5 February 1945 at the last stages of the battle of the Bulge. He is burried at Henry Chapelle in Belgium. His name is Michael F Matysak. Can you find his name on any of the rosters that you have? Could he be on one of your photo's? Any help would be definitely appreciated. Best regards, Danny ter Horst
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