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  1. I'm not a uniform / clothing collector, but really enjoyed reading this thread. Phil, also noticed the nice AWANA Grand Prix or Pinewood Derby race cars in the corner of the picture. I have helped make a few of those in years past. Thanks to all who contributed and best wishes Phil on your quest, Dennie
  2. I feel very fortunate to have found this rare item a while back. Came from overseas and was described as a Petty Officer 1st Class. It is gray cotton twill by Lion Bros., new condition. Dennie
  3. Would these patches be considered "cut edge"?
  4. I would agree, the Airship Rigger is traditionally thought to be the toughest to find. But you do see them from time to time. I don't recall seeing the Aviation Rigger CPO on blue anywhere until Jason posted his wonderful pre-1941 right arm Avn. spread. But then I haven't seen a lot of collections either. How about the Airship Rigger CPO on blue? I don't recall seeing that one as well.
  5. Hi, My understanding is that the E1, E2, E3 rates came with two styles of stripes; 30 and 45 degree angles. The background material, white and blue, could be a square cut shape (a rectangle) or what I call an angle cut, to match the angle of the stripes. Either way, they represent the same rate and rating (or specialty). Does this help? Dennie
  6. Hi Navy Man, Is it Dan? Sorry, I can't keep Dan, Jason, Justin, Fritz, etc. straight. I just revisited this thread and was excited to see your CPO Aviation Rigger on May 28 and your comment May 29 re. the rarity of this rate on blue CPO. I was thinking about which specialty / rate combination is the most rare and I would think this one rates up there with your PO1 Gun Captain on blue. Do others have an example of the CPO Avn. Rigger on blue in their collection? I do have it on white. Thanks for showing them! If you ever want to turn loose of it. . . well, you know. Dennie
  7. No, I did not know that. University of Washington and Louisiana State U. both have purple and gold as their school colors. Perhaps the schools would have some insight on this. Thanks to both of you for your input. I appreciate it! Dennie
  8. Thanks mortaydc60 for the information. I wonder what the purple and gold are about with this patch. As you probably know, there is a Medical Service insignia, silver with a MS over the snake.
  9. Hello everyone. This large patch is just over 9 inch high and 8 inch wide. Never sown onto anything that I can see. Anyone know of a US Army Dental Service Corps, or maybe it is some other designation? A club patch of some sort maybe? What are the color(s) for the Dental Corps branch? Thanks for any input. Dennie
  10. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know the story behind why this badge CPO Turret Captain in green would exist? I can't come up with a scenario where this rating badge would be worn? The green material is the old USMC felt-like cloth, not gabardine, serge, or other dress uniform material. I apologize if this has been covered before somewhere on the forum. Thanks, Dennie
  11. It's midnight, but I still want to wish you and all veterans a great Armed Forces Day! Thank you for your service to me and our country. Blessings to you all, Dennie
  12. Yes, that is my experience as well; all from Vanguard with the 45 degree stripes. Thanks again, Dennie
  13. Hello dskjl, Do you still have the Master Chief Gunner's Mate? If so, are you interested in a trade or sale? It would make a nice mate to my Senior Chief. Just asking since you mentioned you were selling off your collection. Thanks, Dennie
  14. Thanks Steve. I went back and reviewed this thread. You provided a lot of interesting information. Do I understand that the square-cut badges E1 - E3 were Navy made, and what I call the profile cut (following the angle of the stripes) were commercial made? When did the navy stop making rating badges? Dennie
  15. Hello Steve, Not sure if you can receive this now with the Forum getting an upgrade. I am trying to get a quick opinion on the attached E3 rates. It appears to me they are USCG not USN, given the color. Did USN ever have a uniform of this color that may have used this rate? Any idea on age and manufacturer? It also appears the USCG steadfastly adhered to the 30 degree stripe, assuming these are relatively recent make. Appreciate any comments. Thanks, Dennie
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