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  1. patches The posting is a bit old but someone may get some good out of this. First, have the file scanned into the format you want. If it's JPG have the neighbor scan to JPG not PNG. That way there's no conversion. Next, if the neighbor is close by get a USB thumb drive and bring them back home with you rather than in an email. That way there's no confusion over file formats or email delays etc. You have them in hand. Consider getting your own scanner! I bought an amazing scanner for about $180. It's an Epson V600 Perfection. It does amazing work. Order one today from B&H in New
  2. HI All, I working on my dad's WWII photo album and have a number of small pictures that have two photos on one print. The prints are 2.5" x 3.5" so are not real big.It's a bit puzzling. I'm not not sure if he took the pictures or if he found someone selling them. I think they mark places he fought in, such as Aachn, Wesel etc. I've included a few for your review. I would like to know if they are commercial or personal photos. If commercial where can I find some information on them like: is a viewable catalog available, when were they taken, etc. Examples are shown below Any help wou
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