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  1. M1916 General Purpose Pouch "Squad Leader Pouch". Used to carry two cans of squad foot powder and other medical accessories. The placement of said pouch has already been answered. Ive seen a clear pic on it being hung from a cartridge belt aswell.
  2. During World War II, was the Officer and NCO stripe always applied by the respective wearers? Im Sure fresh troops did so, but i question wheteher combat vets always did so, as they knew the concequences of having a large white rectangle on the back of your head. Instant target for snipers and the enemy in general. Just wondering. Opinions, pics, anything would be of great help!
  3. I have used that website. That info ive known prior to this post haha. Im just looking for a specific list of equipment issued to each corpsman prior to shipping out for a combat situation, and unaltered loadout more specifically.
  4. Hey Guys! Can someone make a list for me of all the "Issue" equipment a corpsman during WWII would have been issued, NOT personal preferances or field modifications. Thanks :thumbsup:
  5. Just as i imagined. Thanks guys! Oh no, its Cleaver, run for the hills!
  6. During WWII NCOs had horizontal white bars painted on the rear of their helmet. My question is, do those with the Technician grade warrant said stripes being that they are of the same pay grade but hold the higher Techician pay and do not hold any sort of command status? Pics would be nice!
  7. Sorry, i meant much more specific, I know 1942, i mean month wise, When do pictures start coming up with M1's in them?
  8. I am aware the M1 Helmet and Liner came into production in June 1941. My question is when did they go into wide spread issue?! Detailed Replies would be much appreciated
  9. Hey all, My newest request. I have seen it posted somewhere recently within the past month, a list of all Webgear issed to WACs during WWII. Could someone please find the article which contains said info, or copy and paste the list onto this post. It'd be greatly appreicated!
  10. During WWII, what was the typical Rank Structure of a tank crew, more specifically an M4 Sherman Crew. Being a Driver, Assis Driver/ Radio Op, Loader, Gunner and Commander. If anyone could give me typical rank structures of these types of crews, it'd be greatly appreciated! Please stick to WWII though, nmot post war TO&E's Regards
  11. dartheric1

    1942 HBT?

    Not a problem, mistakes happen, i make plenty :thumbsup:
  12. This is a very interesting find to me. As i usually dont like using movies as referance I can say for once that a question may be answered about one now! In Saving Private Ryan, does anyone besides myself notice Technical Sergeant Mike Horvath has atleast two 1st Pattern M1 Carbine pouches on his M36 belt that clearly resemble the one British made one pictured in this thread?! I wouldnt be surprised now, just a little detail like that always gets me a little more excited when watching these films
  13. dartheric1

    1942 HBT?

    This is the M1942 pattern. As to my knowledge the M1943 pattern had pleated cargo pockets, very similar to M42's except with the pleated pockets.
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