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  1. If I remember correctly, when a Recruiting Station achieved its "Mission Box" for the year, the recruiters in that station would wear a red backing behind their badge - this might be along those same lines Chris
  2. Lads- COL Dillard and my ex's grandfather were both in the 551st Parachute Infantry together in WWII - Doug was a close personal friend of mine until his passing in September 2018. In the "period" photo of him as a Colonel he was only wearing one CIB 9for WWII) as the missions he conducted into North Korea with the 8240th Unit were still "classified" - he was awarded the second and third awards of the CIB after he had retired, the third award was in March 2018 (for actions during the VN War - I have a copy of the MFR from Dept of the Army awarding it to him). Here's COL Dillard with m
  3. Jeff- I'm the Historian for the 551st Parachute Infantry Association & yes we do have a listing for an Everett F. Chalfant - looks like he jumped into Southern France in August 1944 assigned to the Service Company of the 551st - continuing to dig through our records to see what we can find; he is also listed as being assigned to the 509th Parachute Infantry when awarded the Purple Heart, orders dated 14 FEB 1945 - what is also interesting is that there is a 515th Pocket patch in the collection too - Let me know how else I can help AIRBORNE! Chris
  4. Lads- I'm the cureent Battalion CSM for 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry here at Fort Benning - I'll reach out to the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association Historian (who maintains all the units records from VN & runs a top-notch website: www.ichiban1.org ) to see why he's listed as being posthumously promoted to MSG when there's quite a bit of evidence he'd already been a E-8 for quite some time PLAY THE GAME! Chris
  5. DRMO-W33NYN Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) with the UIC of W33NYN is for Fort Stewart, which would've been the DRMO for 1/75 (Hunter AAF is the home of 1/75 & is part of Fort Stewart). Uniform was turned back in to CIF at some point & was probably sold at auction in a large bundle of surplus DCUs via DRMO
  6. Picked these up from some fellow collectors here at Benning on Saturday; both will go into the mini-museum in my BN HQs (pictures coming soon) WWII-era wooden ammo crate for .50 cal MG ammo; it's seen better days, but the fact that both locking bars w/ wing nuts were present...well...I had to have it! 68-69 dated 7.62mm Ammo Can for the M60 MG PLAY THE GAME! Chris
  7. The 82nd Airborne Division's Public Affairs Office (PAO) is sponsoring a weekly podcast on the history of the 82d Airborne Division, from its inception in 1917 to present day - downloadable on iTunes & some great history on my beloved "All-American" Division, which celebrates its 100th Birthday this year! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/all-american-legacy-history/id1188857954?mt=2 ALL THE WAY! Chris
  8. If your impression is a 504th Paratrooper from Panama, having a first aid pouch on your suspenders is 100% wrong - you wear your web gear with your parachute harness over it - hence why you dont wear the 1st aid pouch on the suspenders with a 68lb T-10 parachute - make sense? If youre gonna do the impression - do it right......from a veteran who was in the unit you're portraying....cmon man....
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