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  1. I would say late 1970's early 1980's, the panther represents the EA-6B Prowler
  2. If you look closely at the USS Nitro patch there is a A and 23 on the bow of the center ship.
  3. The sad thing is, they are willing to pay that much for a really bad reproduction................
  4. Helmets, artillery shells and other military relics was ashore all of the time in VA Beach. A friend of mine found an rusty M1 fixed bail just a few years ago..... you never know what will wash up after a storm.
  5. Be careful when handling those, the older ones my have asbestos on them........
  6. Found a nice fixed bail with original chin straps and paint in a classic car restoration shop...... the owner makes a lot of art work out of old car parts and was going to chop it up...... I told him how rare it was and he gave it to me :-)
  7. I know of at least one Ranger in Somalia that carried a privet purchase shotgun in his Humvee, and in the History of the 82nd Airborne a Normandy Veteran sated that he jumped with a nickel plated .38 in his boot and a sawed off double barrel shot gun in his musette bag to go along with his M1 Garand and .45.
  8. The BAR looks to be WWI vintage....... you can just make out the checkered hand guard and the WWI style flash hider.......
  9. Hey guys, I found this on ebay ...... maybe Trash maybe a Treasure....... What is it? ........ Just thought that I would pass it along http://cgi.ebay.com/UNKNOWN-SET-OF-WINGS-W...3%3A1|294%3A200
  10. I saw a homeless guy wearing a WWII German Camo smock while driving a few years ago, but buy the time I circled back he had disappeared. I was going to trade him my ski jacket for it if it was real......
  11. I have one of these books for navy insignia..... I think that I paid a buck for it
  12. My two cents coming from the museum business: Reproductions are great teaching tools, I dress high students in WWII and Vietnam reproduction uniforms during our student seminars. Yes I could break out the real ones but why risk damaging them. Also displays........ a good reproduction is easier to display than the real thing....... Anyone been to the USMC Museum at Quantico? most of the uniforms on display are repros...... Why ..... you don't have to worry about expensive environmental controls, and you can do anything you want to them and not have to worry about destroying a real one.... my tw
  13. These are not made of Kevlar ....... I got a bunch a few years back and did a little testing........ most pistol and all rifle rounds blew holes in them at 25-50 yards. You can strangely enough wear an M1 helmet in place of the foam liner .... I got a bunch of Navy franken helmets from a DRMO auction. Like M1 helmets with eye shields riveted to them and one of these talker helmets with an M1 helmet and liner bolted in. I would not call them experimental or anything, more like on the job modified.
  14. You can find WWII rates with dates, makers names, anchors and other stuff stitched on the back, I used to collect them and at one point had 100s of them many still in the wrapper.
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