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  1. Here are some shooting badges from Naval Militia New York and Connecticut. I have others but keeping with the subject just showing the shooting related ones.
  2. For comparison here are two examples of petty Officer badges in blue. One is a Civil War vintage badge in rather poor condition (displayed in a frame with a black backing makes it more presentable) and the other is an 1866 pattern example. Note the difference in the wing spread on the eagles.
  3. Does anyone know the significance between the gilt examples and the bronze finish ones. Officer vs. enlisted??
  4. This is a quoted paragraph from the Navy History and Heritage Command website: https://usnhistory.navylive.dodlive.mil/2019/11/01/the-history-of-navy-rank-or-rate-enlisted-personnel/ Over time the Navy’s system of rates and ratings became more formalized. Petty officers first received distinctive uniform insignia in the Navy regulations of 1841, when they were instructed to wear an eagle perched on an anchor on one uniform sleeve. Boatswain’s mates, gunner’s mates, carpenter’s mates, masters at arms, ship’s stewards and ship’s cooks wore it on the right sleeve while qua
  5. Thank you. I don't own it but it is being offered to me.
  6. Oops I meant to type in No. 894 is this one traceable?
  7. Is Indian War Campaign No. 994 traceable? Thank you in advance.
  8. Joseph Lucey, B.M. 2d . C. USS Brooklyn
  9. Bandmaster Reinhold F. Schulze USS New York
  10. I have two more to add to the list: Benjamin Johnson CSC 2050 Date of entry for CSC Feb 21st 1873 Paul W.O. Ulrich CSC 8994 Initial enlistment 1883
  11. It is the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.
  12. I also have one of these bells. Is there a date on the box? I placed mine as WW II so hoping the box may be able to confirm.
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