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  1. What are the other two patches? I couldn't track them down.
  2. I picked these three up from an old estate where I know the vet was in WWII, however I have no idea if these are period (or what the other two patches are besides the 2nd Infantry Patch). Any ideas?
  3. Hi all! Just picked this beauty which seems to be an all-original WWII Inland M1A1. Everything is well marked, including the bottom of the grip with the crossed cannons (grain makes it hard to see). Let me know what you all think!
  4. Hi all, Just picked up this poster and two things that I noticed as being off from what I normally deal with: No fold marks that I can discern The paper is glossy as opposed to the newspaper-like material of other period posters. Now I normally collect War Bonds posters so this may be just different being a recruitment poster but I just wanted to check. The age seems on par and there's a note on the back dating it to 1954 so I doubt they would have reproduced it so soon. The measurement is 42"x28" so that is correct at least. Welcome your thoughts, thanks!
  5. Just got a new display made for it made in beautiful hardwood with a double-sided plexi viewer for the front and back. (P.S - I'm looking to sell )
  6. Mostly illegible. The beginning looks like P.M so maybe post marked (and the date)? Or D.M but not sure what that would mean...
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