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  1. Hi, I was trying to find books with nominal rolls on Spanish American war medals. Its proofing very difficult. Does anyone know if such a thing is possible to find? Another member said he checked such a book for me, but id like to purchase any available. This era has proven very difficult to find records on. Many thanks Rory.
  2. Just to share, received a bsm for valour.
  3. Mike, I watched a good movie recently. It's called black 47. Good movie, and will explain why many emigrated. It'll also explain why the Irish are called the fighting Irish. Being the back bone of the British army for centuries. Cheers Rory
  4. Thanks for the info Mike, I'm going to have to get educated on this era I think the NARA has more rexords. So I'll have a look after work. I doubt the us government would have sent medals to foreign soldiers in European countries? Although if entitled they still would be mentioned on medal rolls. Just not claimed? Cheers Rory
  5. Thanks very much really appreciate it! I seen in a newspaper article that he was in the span am war at the age of 16 to 18. He returned home straight after. He would have been entitled, just didn't receive possibly? Many thanks ?
  6. Wow would you kindly do me a favour and tell me the name of the book please? I'm trying to find out if an ancestor was entitled to medals from this period. Thomas James mcloughlin. Thanks
  7. Hi may I ask how you found out who this medal was awarded to just by the serial number? Thanks
  8. Dave, it's proving very hard to find records on this period. I'm trying to put together a display of medals from family members. There's quite a few but this man's is harder as I've no real knowledge of the period. Is there any other sources for records of the era? Also I saw your Vietnam patrol boat Kia medal group before sale. Very very nice group, just out of my range. Thanks
  9. would anyone be able to help tell me if this man would have been entitled to us medals or seen action? any help much appreciated. I doubt very much many went to serve in America and return home. Other Empire Force, 2nd New York US Infantry Regiment, Private, Company "A", 27th June 1898, 30th July 1899 Sergeant Thomas McGloughlin, R.G.A., and Pte. John McGloughlin, Connaught Rangers, have returned home on leave to Fivemiletown. The former saw service in the Spanish-American War, while the latter was buried in a shell-hole at Mes-sines. They are brothers of Mr. Frank McGloug
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-Vietnam-War-Purple-Heart-Military-Medal-USMC-Marines-Glen-E-Davis-wz2151/202567407992 Thanks for all the info, for anyone interested here is the group listed on ebay. Its going for more than i was willing to bid. I did find the man on ancestory.com and messaged a member that added in a family tree. If i get a reply ill post.
  11. GLENN EDWIN DAVIS is honored on Panel 55E, Line 8 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I did find another picture on the vvmf website but its very small and hard to say if its the same man. Id say this group would be just bought as individual items.
  12. Hi id just like to hear someone elses opinion on this group. I have two concerns which are the purple heart is not engraved. I would have thought it would be officially engraved as he was K.I.A.? Also the picture does not match the rank and insignia of a pfc in the USMC? Thanks
  13. Looking for any medals belonging to Maj. Gen. Bryant E. Moore Thanks
  14. Oh defo, thanks guys im waiting to purchase a named dcm to a maj. gen. anyway. So i can reunite it with his bronze star i have now, ill post it once i get it. thanks
  15. its on ebay uk £125.00, and nor have i seen any p/w with the figure before?
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