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  1. Thank you very much guys, really helpful inputs! ?
  2. Dear fellows, I have this Ontario Mk3 Mod 0, which I bought many years ago still in the box. Browsing the web, I noticed that the markings on the blade base are reversed, I mean written upside down (toward the tip instead the handle, as usually seen). Should I assume by that it's a repro? Thanks in advance, M.
  3. Well, I understand your points of view, and yes, sure it's not the case to agonize, nor to be too sensitive about details: at the end it is just an hobby. But I also think that, if and where possible, it's better to have a totally period correct item (i.e. the "right" scabbard, or the "right" liner for the M1 pot); item value apart (which counts, especially when you buy), I feel I'm collecting historical artifacts, so I prefer to be the more accurate I can. And places like this forum are really invaluable in being educated by the vast knowledge of the fellows members. Thanks for your inputs
  4. ...but 3/3 under that. That's a bit confusing.
  5. I think the best tell tale sign to determine if a scabbard is in its original config. would be the B/N code under the throat. But there are gray areas. According with the Cunningham's bayo points (# 6 and 18), the M8A1 scabbards production, with belt hook but still marked M8, started at about 2/2 and ended at 3/1 - 3/2, when they started to be marked M8A1. Well, you see the scabbard I posted above is marked 2/1... and this one, coming with a M4 Camillus, is marked M8 on the front plate...
  6. Thanks to you all for your informative inputs. I measured the web hanger: it is 13,5 cm long, roughly 5.4 inches; definitely an M8A1 version.
  7. Hi Skip, thanks for your reply. Actually she's a guard marked one. I would rate its finish 80%, with a more greyish tone than green. Do you mean the belt hooks provided scabbard would be ok for a late production M3?
  8. But the web hanger has the WW2 features (.360 rivets, small brass fastener, retainer straps crossed right over left, etc.), except for the belt hooks, which are made of magnetic steel. Now my question is: do you think I have a post war modified M8 or a transitional, early run M8A1? And, if so, could it be consistent with that late production Imperial? Thanks in advance.
  9. Reading the interesting bayo points #18, I realize that, being marked under the tab "B 2/1 N" it should be of the first run, so without the belt hooks (marked 2/2, so quite close).
  10. Hello to you all gentlemen; I just got an honest M3 Imperial guard marked, which comes with a M8A1 scabbard, but marked M8.
  11. Thanks to you all, I really appreciated your inputs. If I may ask, which could be an honest price? The seller is a friend of mine, and he too doesn't know much about this item: I don't want to steal it, nor to pay twice what it's worth. Prices seem to be very varying (ebay), I find quite hard to make a consistent offer.
  12. This is a close up of the maker's markings: Boyt 42. Inside it is unmarked, still having the wooden insert for the tight fit of the 1911. Excuse the pics quality, are taken by cell camera in hurry. Thanks in advance, Marzio
  13. Dear collectors, I've been offered with this nice holster... maybe too nice? I browsed the reference section page, and at a glance everything looks correct to me, but I'm very very far from being an expert on these items, so I'd like to have your knowledgeable opinion.
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