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  1. Nice ashtray. Be careful what you start. Trench art can be addicting-- I got one piece as a gift about 30 years ago, and now I have several hundred pieces. I posted two display shelves of planes/ miniatures/ unusual pieces on the site. Scott
  2. Believe I posted this a while ago in another part of the forum. It is a quarter plate of a cavalry drummer. I don't own it any more. Scott
  3. And a triple armed cavalryman. The tinting is nicely done on this image. Scott
  4. Here is one that I have with a nice corps badge: Mike, sorry you are out of the Corps Badge image collecting-- you were my best corps badge image customer! Scott
  5. Some nice images there! I also like the simple "watermark" that you use-- I may employ that one. Scott
  6. The Eagle and "U.S.A" have a very late 19th/ early 20th century look to them, so probably a reunion/ GAR event item from that time period. Scott
  7. Nice patent model and image. Any production on the saddle? what was the new/ innovative feature of the saddle? Scott
  8. Really amazing grouping-- used to see these type of groupings, but it seems most have been split out over the years. Did you get this from the family? Thanks for sharing. Scott
  9. Great grouping and a tragic story. The "charcoal" is photographic. The enlargement of photographs was a huge source of revenue for photographers in the late 19th century and was heavily advertised. Both "charcoal" and "pastels" (retouched with colors) are a photographic process and not hand drawings. As the photographs were enlarged details were lost and studios employed artists to add the details back in to the photograph. Scott
  10. Thanks Allan. I appreciate the information. Scott
  11. Thanks-- see it now. I wasn't familiar with them and didn't see a Rakkasan crest. Appreciate the education. Scott
  12. If you still have-- can you add photos of the unit crests? Not sure what unit they are for. Thanks. Scott
  13. So did local sew shops. You were double charged to get the 101st patch sewn on-- one charge for the Eagle and a second charge for the "Airborne" tab! It always annoyed me. Scott
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