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  1. Patch was worn by those going through the Q- course as well as instructors and support personel assigned. Not sure on the mending. Scott
  2. I collect identity bracelets and am glad that I didn't pass on this one. Most of my collection is trench art aluminum pieces. This one is stainless steel and is very much a "plain jane" version with "USN, name, service number". The "rest of the story" on the owner has made it one of my favorite pieces. Fold3 research on walter Edmund Gillette yielded several shipboard rosters and a draft registration card. Shipboard rosters showed Gillette's first presence on the USS Texas on 15 SEP 1944. The 1946 demobilization draft registration card showed a birthday of 29 October 1926. At first I was disappointed that Gillette had missed the Normandy Invasion, but the disappointed ended when I realized that he was only 17 years old when he began his service on the USS Texas. The USS Texas was stateside in New York (arrived 14 SEP 44) to undergo a refit/ repair period. I can't imagine being a 17 year old on a ship that had just participated in European Invasion landings. I am sure he got all the worst details and regular ribbing from the "old salt" war veterans. After a 36 day repair period and refresher cruise, the battleship was ready for the Pacific. Transit to the Pacific was through the Panama Canal and included a stop in California, maneuvers in the Hawaiin Islands and invasion rehearsals Mariana Islands. The USS Texas supported the invasion of Iwo Jima in February and then the invasion of Okinawa. During the Battle for Okinawa, the Captain of the USS Texas kept the crew at battle stations for over 50 days. A recent online article describes the USS Texas and crew during the Battle: https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/uss-texas-battle-okinawa The Captain is credited with saving lives and preventing ship damage by keeping the crew in battle stations. Gillette was on the Texas until the end of 1945, when he was transferred to the USS Duluth. Gillette finished his service in MAY 1946, not yet 20 years old!
  3. I am not privy to the full information on your particular incident, but not all is part of a scam. Under current conditions there are not a lot of buying options, so SOME of it may be a reflection of attempts to buy at holesale vs. retail by dealers. Scott
  4. Agree the photo post dates the Civil War. Based on the clothing, uniforms and frame I'd put it in the 1890s. Also the shorter drum with metal rod tension instead of rope is post war. It is true that smaller (carte de visites) are more prominant during the Civil War era, but larger albumen images were made. Albumen prints were contact printed, so the size of the print equals the size of the negative. Large glass plate negatives were fragile and the corresponding camera to hold the large plates to take the photograph, were expensive. The resulting prints were expensive. After the Civil War, advancements allowed photographers to create enlarged images. These enlargements became the "bread and butter" work of many photographers in the late 19th century. Scott
  5. Mike is spot on with his prices and other observations. I used to see a fair quantity of these at shows, but not as much now. I think they have thinned out more based on "what sells" vs. rarity. Paper in general has fewer collectors and brings less than what it did 25 years ago. Scott
  6. The photograph appears to be a fraternal cabinet card and probably 1880s- 90s, so I don't think that this would be a Civil War veteran. The subject probably wasn't even alive during the Civil War. I believe the aluminum medal is 1890s at the earliest. Best case a family member made mistakes when assembling the piece. A photograph of the entire back would be helpful in assessing the age of the framing job. Scott
  7. Beautiful ID disc. Great unit history/ Gettysburg connection! Scott
  8. The "ALICE pack" specifically refers to the rucksack or backpack. Scott
  9. Amazing photograph and story-- thanks for bumping this one up! Scott
  10. Agree with the others. Also, I don't see it as a case of them not honoring their terms. "The AUCTIONEER ALONE (not you) has the right to reopen the bidding of an item IF DEEMED NECESSARY due to a dispute." Based on the auctioneer's response to you he didn't deem it was necessary! Too bad it didn't work for you, but get over it and get the next one. Scott
  11. Wow-- also the first CW era USN ID disc that I have seen! Thanks for sharing. Scott
  12. Just read the description-- sack coat, bottom center shows repairs and blood stains from two shoulder wounds! Amazing group. Scott
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