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  1. Hello Forum, Hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times. This is part of a collection of helmets which I inherited, and I was hoping that someone could offer some helpful information. It is a front seam, swivel bail covered helmet which has a puzzling addition. The inner liner has the requisite front two holes at the forehead area, but it has been adapted to include two additional holes of the same size directly above the original holes. They were just punched through. I believe that they were utilized to connect something to the liner, as the outline of something which prese
  2. The liner is definitely thin, and there is a chipped out hole in the side of it. Two of my uncles served in WWII, with this one going in in 1941, and the second in 1944.
  3. This one is marked "Captain" on the front, and is ID'd to a Roy Davis of Caledonia, MI (per newer paper label on inside). I don't know what he was a captain of, but the helmet is in good condition for it's age. I'll try to post more of the helmets as time permits.
  4. Thanks for the information! Much appreciated.
  5. This is a second helmet which I got from my uncle, and it was his personal helmet. It is roached out, as it was kept on a shelf in an open-ended carport for decades. No writing or distinguishing marks...just dirt and rust!
  6. A few years back I inherited a dozen old helmets from a deceased uncle who was a photographer in the AAC in the what is now Myanmar. He was very active in his VFW and his buddies would give or trade things with him. This is one of the helmets, and I was hoping that the experts on the board could tell me about it. Specifically, what the stenciled "SPO" and "1G" might represent?. The previous owner had penned "Ketch" on the cover, which I assume was his name. Also, my wife is in the healthcare field, and she said that the helmet appears to have been exposed to blood based on stains on the c
  7. I recently obtained a boy scout's patch collection and this was in the mix. 5" 27th Infantry patch made of felt. There's still stuff out there!
  8. I know it is an old thread, but I thought this adds to the discussion. Recent acquisition of an original 5" felt patch.
  9. Thanks, everyone.....there is a wealth of knowledge on this board!
  10. Hello Board. About a year ago I inherited a helmet collection from a deceased relative, and this one was in the mix. I am not a collector of these, and I hoped someone could offer some insight into what the markings represent. The front has "1918-19 AEF" which I discovered stands for American Expeditionary Forces. The back is what is a puzzle. It states "DSC CO 97 ASC". Can anyone tell what this means? Also, the rough-grit finish has popped off in a few places and someone shellacked it. Does this kill the value on a helmet? I know that it can cut the value of a signed baseball in half
  11. Hello Forum, I recently acquired a group of patches, and was hoping that someone could help ID them and comment as to their rarity. I'm especially interested in the round white "51" patch. Thanks for looking and for any input!
  12. Probably going to strip the bars and shoulder pieces off of it, and send it on it's way. The other stuff in his collection is as "right as rain", and I don't want this to taint the collection.
  13. Thanks.....that what I thought. I was told that it came from a flea market, with no history. Most of his stuff he got from friends active in the VFW.
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