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  1. Found in a WW2 pilot's box. Looks military related. Steer's head on wings with cog wheels positioned above the head.
  2. Since it's not military I'm not offering on the site. I learned something new today..
  3. Thank You! Looks like they helped the war veterans. There is some information about them being in my home state of North Carolina. Goldsboro and Greensboro just after the Civil War.
  4. It's in excellent condition too.. Thank You - -
  5. The cloth covering is tattered and is in the leather scabbard.
  6. Just wondering what type of sword this is? Is it a cerimonious type sword. It is named on the sword and named on the leather scabbard. Thank You Chris
  7. Please remove.. Thanks for your comments Brian as well..Sold..
  8. There is a possibility she and her husband was from N.C.. Will investigate more.
  9. Just acquired a WW2 USCG grouping. Her name is Anna Wood. I will post picture. Just wanted to know if groupings of females in the Coat Guard are uncommon? She was an Ensign and LTJG. Thank You Chris
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