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  1. Although Its not "typical" , If you can use that word with knife crafters , I would bet money Its a knife crafters knife , too many of the characteristics to be anything else IMO . As stated there are many variations of theyre knives . Nice knife , congratulations .
  2. Thats an outstanding example , congratulations . For some reason when these turn up theyre pretty rough .
  3. The good knives will hold theyre value . Thats a $450 knife around here all day long .
  4. Warguy thats a fine example and I think youre probably the closest to current market value @ $2000 - $2500 K . So hard to find them with the script and maker fully Intact . A great Investment piece IMO .
  5. To me It looks like someone glued a thick red spacer there next to the guard , maybe as a repair . Not a factory job IMO , but not Impossible as the pommel clearly has not been disturbed . Interesting knife Craig .
  6. It doesn't get much better . Thanks for sharing .
  7. My first Impression was It seems plausible .
  8. With black plastic handle...…………. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vietnam-War-US-Ontario-MK2-Experimental-fighting-knife-bayonet-/143631893937
  9. I think they were probably Issued the M9 during the Gulf War . Still a testament to the 1219c design , very well designed and a useful tool to this day as well as a thing of beauty .
  10. Yeah , both sides have double EGA 's , pretty cool .
  11. I have been hoping to come across one of these ega diamond covers at a reasonable price one day so when this one came along for next to nothing I was very happy . Its the Blue Anchor 1953 contract version In very nice used condition with diamonds on both sides . WWII swivel bail shell and I think Korean era liner . I don't know If the liner Is original to the set but this Is how I acquired It right out of the weeds . I know some of you guys are Interested In these so I thought I would share .
  12. As far as I know the L & C M6 sheath was only Issued with a Robeson M3 knife , which only came In blade mark/blade dated variety . So If youre goal Is a period correct as Issued set , youre gonna have to step up to a high dollar knife If the sheath Is as nice as you Indicate . A scarce knife In any condition , theyre out there , but everyone Is looking for them . JMO
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