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  1. Really cool photos of a wonderful airplane! Thanks very much for posting the images, too bad most don't look that way anymore. Here's a pic from a few years ago of me at work in a -5A. John
  2. According to Massaro, he states that it was used during the war years when AAF OCS was located in Miami, FL. Marked Sterling, but made by Robbins. John
  3. Chris, thanks very much for the write up on the Kirchenbauer Aviator Wing Badge! It is a gorgeous and rare wing. 😍 I am sure that you are aware that Cliff has the 14k the on Bob’s website. Thanks for posting wing and the supporting documentation. Best, John
  4. I have never seen an AE Co Balloon Wing Badge and I have seen all of two AE Co Airship Wings. John
  5. Looks like the Bell Glider wing fell short, last couple I saw, which was a few years ago went in the $600-$650 range. Rare wing. John
  6. That very cool Marty! Those are still used today in jets during initial training in a new type. Commonly know today as the “Paper Tiger”. Some types have gone to E training, where everything is in your iPad, which is great. I used to carry a shoulder book bag full of manuals that weighed a ton, when I would have initial or recurrent training. Now, I go with an iPad, notebook and pencil 😜 I have never seen a paper tiger for the 17, glad you found it! John
  7. There are definitely legitimate wings with applied letters in WWII. The vast majority probably modified by local jewelers. Granted many look very suspicious, but there are also many that are 100% authentic. I heard once about an old jeweler going out of business in the 1960’s that had a small box of letters that were used to modify wings for customers. It was being sold with all of the old stock at the time. Each wing that is encountered with an applied letter must be individually evaluated for legitimacy and if there is any doubt, I would pass. As for the wing cu
  8. USAF Navigator Wings. Vanguard is probably 1950’s, G23 is Ira Green probably 1970’s+ John
  9. Years back I was in contact with the president of Vanguard and he said that the only wings they sold during WWII were USN, others were later. John
  10. Tolbert, thanks for adding the image of the reproduction Swordsman badge for comparison and narrative. It is also always nice to see another original, as there are so few (I know of less than ten in collections). Sorry I didn’t notice your post sooner. John
  11. Not trying to crash in on the thread, but since your DI is mounted, I can provide pics of mine. For reference, here is the front and back of mine, same English made. This is Massaro 52A1. I also have the very rare opposite facing, Massaro 52A2. John
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