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  1. You may not have noticed below that, we are in the branch called "Ranks and Rates." There is a more specific area for USMC emblems called "Marine Corps EGA Discussion." Usually, posting in the most relevant place gets you to the most relevant information. All moot points, however, given that the OP has received multiple correct answers to his question. Nice WWII-KW barracks cover emblems, one for dress blues the other for the service uniform.
  2. Not really the right place for this question, given that this is the area for chevrons/rank insignia, but you might want to check out this thread: The first two should look familiar to you.
  3. The first two are enlisted M37 emblems for the barracks cover used throughout WWII and the Korean War. The last one is an enlisted 1926 style collar emblem, AKA "droop wing" style, used until the 1937 pattern came out. Looks like the first one might be marked "sterling" in the anchor crossbar? Can't quite tell from the photo. If so, that would make it a little more rare than the usual.
  4. The other option is United States Marine Corps Emblems 1804 to World War I by Frederick L Briuer. It has a more detailed focus on early emblems and a more scholarly approach, but as the name suggests, it only goes up to WWI. I think I heard at some point that there is a second volume in the works. I have both books and dig through them both when researching an emblem.
  5. +1 for the CMP. It is a great organization. But are they still sending out hackberry stocks? They are a bit disappointing if you are expecting walnut.
  6. Those are for the women's summer uniform. I believe it was used from WWII up to the late seventies or early eighties. Your chevrons look a lot like the ones in this thread, from 1977: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/90815-usmc-vietnam-era-womens-seersucker-uniform/ Hope that helps a bit.
  7. I figured you would have been bidding on those. Some very nice, very hard to find chevrons in my opinion. Another thing I think was going on there was that the seller had about 10 or so of those very rare chevrons that ended over the course of a half an hour or so. For the first couple, I bid "reasonable" prices and didn't win, so I raised my later bids, in the hopes of taking at least one of them home.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. His other stuff has realistic prices.
  9. Post war, given the number in the anchor. WII examples do not have this number.
  10. Just finished Challenge for the Pacific by Robert Leckie, and almost done with Band of Brothers. Next is either The Gun by Chivers or Hue 1968 by Bowden.
  11. I'm sure you'll get plenty of opinions on this, but it looks like a standard cut-edge patch to me.
  12. Very nice! I also have a couple with red threads remaining like that and thought "blooded" also. I can't say what they used to be attached to, but they sure do look nice now!
  13. Interesting idea that the leather one could be British. It does have the USMC EGA on the back, though it is hard to make out. I haven't seen many of the cut fabric dress ones you mention, but the couple I have seen were called "pre-wwii." I don't have a lot of evidence for that, so take it for what it's worth.
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