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  1. JDK: Yeah, that's odd, I was thinking of a piece of leather destined for another use (more official) and reused to make patches. According to Google A L Gebhardt was specialized in shoes, bags and belts. But, in times of war, the factories did not always produce the same thing as in times of peace. Marentius Yes Grouping comes from ebay. Turk is a very serious seller no problem. My goal was simply to date the patch more precisely and not to question its originality. Brewenn
  2. Thank you for your comment. I also thought about making for a veteran's reunion but why is there an "AN" marking on the label if the manufacture is post-war? Would it not be factory manufacture in the USA following an official order during the war? Brewenn
  3. Thank you for your information. I know that it identifies the 17th TCS but the specimens I saw on internent are all slightly different. Do you think this is a real WWII patch, or produced later? Thanks in advance
  4. It's my first leather patch, so, could you confirm me that it's an original WWII patch ? =
  5. Hi everyone, Here is my last grouping, from a pilot of the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, 64th Troop Carrier group.
  6. Hello, I remember very well our transaction for the Antrim Kit Bag. I thank you again for it is still one of the most beautiful pieces in my collection. Brewenn
  7. Thanks all for comments ! I forgot to share this footlocker from a late war pilot (349th TCG).
  8. Only one unfortunately.... SGT John E Kriskey 314th Troop Carrier Group 61st Squadron My dream is a set from a pilot. One day maybe...
  9. Thank you for your very kind comments Neil, I made this for you: You do not have to worry, your collection is always where the most beautiful, powerful and best-identified uniforms are. The A2 is not identified troop carrier, nothing is identified on the mannequin, it is USAAF and RAF random items. But I only chose the objects from the photos I have of the Captain Nachowitz of the 439th TCG. Brewenn
  10. Hey, Here are some pictures of the evolution of my collection. My passion began when I found the bracelet of a C-47 pilot killed in Bastogne. I decided to stop my collection of uniforms and infantry equipment to continue the Troop Carrier. After 3 years of research I got to that. 2015: 2016: 2017 I only need an A3 harness and it will be finished! I am always looking for uniforms and groupings of soldiers and officers serving in the Troop Carrier on ETO or MTO. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Brewenn
  11. Hey, Here is a picture of Lt Joseph G Monnier Wearing 1st Troop Carrier Command crest Happy new year... Brewenn
  12. Lt Leon N Armer - Navigator - 438th TCG - 88th TCS (Many thanks to the 2 USMF members who offered to sell this 2 beautiful uniforms to me).
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