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  1. Ok, that's why I could not find anything. When I asked about it I was told it was a Springfield 1903 however when I looked I just saw that it said 1903a3 and just assumed it was a Springfield. It also had the SA o the stock furthering by belief that it was a Springfield. It is a Remington 1903a3 with barrel date of 12-43 and the serial number date a couple months short of that. Now I am able to find information on the Remington. Thank you both for your time.
  2. I have been looking and can't find a ton of information on a Springfield 1903a3 rifle. I see Remington and Smith Corona but not a lot on Springfield. I currently have the opertunity to purchase a Springfield 1903a3 rifle with a barrel date of 12-43. I believe the serial number on the rifle was in the 1.4 million range (but not positive). There was the P proof matk near the grip and 3 other marks on the stock. One was SA, one was like AAL and I dont remember the last. The rifle was about it the nicest shape I have seen a rifle like this. I did not get any photos as my phone died before I
  3. Thank you guys for the help. I will post if I find any information. I'm heading out of town this weekend for my daughter's soccer tournament so I should have plenty of spare time to do some research.
  4. Salvage Sailor, ok let me know if this makes sense. It's not USS Achilles but HMS Achilles. She was a Warroir-classed armor cruiser with the Royal Navy, 2nd Cruiser Squadron in the First World War. She was credited with sinking the German raider Leapold in 1917. Tony
  5. I thought this was a neat piece so had to grab it. Don't know anything about it other than what I can read. I've tried researching it but can't find anything (not see where to start though). I thought the content of the message was pretty unique. Are these common out there? This is the first I have seen but have never really looked for one before, just stumbled across this one. Thanks for any info. Tony
  6. I recently purchased this with a bunch of other stuff. Was told it is a M14 parts kit. I looked over all the parts but cannot come across any Springfield Markings. I don't know if this is US made or a knock off. To be honest I am most likely going to part with it. I don't want to screw anyone over or get taken myself. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. I picked up a few bayonets/fighting knives. I found what most of them are but can't find anything on the 6th one. The only mark is what I believe says KIFFE. Number 3 is a bit rough but I don't have one of that make. The other thing I can't identify is the barrel. It looks to be .45 or .50 bit no markings. I was in a box with an M14 parts kit I also got. I have questions about that also (that thread to follow) Any information is greatly appreciated
  8. Here are some of the items I found at an estate sale today. Along with these items I got 4 boxes of various military books, various odds and ends. There are also 2 photo books from WWII that were not at the same but will be sold to me should the son not want them. He didn't want any of the other things so my fingers are crossed. Not sure if the autographs are real or not but I suspect that they are. The photo is very nicely framed. The Bong is a local interest. I had to buy the jacket as I found it very neat.
  9. Thanks for all the help and advice. I believe I'll hold off and maybe if it sits for a while I can get a deal on it. Again thanks again for everything, this place is awesome.
  10. I can try to get some pictures tomorrow. The couple things I noticed from the link that bearpack posted is that the barrel does not have the serial number on it however there is a serial number on the on the barrel bushing. That serial number does not match the serial number of the pistol. The serial number on the pistol is a in the high 1,000,000 and the one on the bushing is in the 700,000.
  11. That's the best pick I have of the serial number side.
  12. Thanks doyler. I don't own it yet that's why I'm finding things out about her. They want $1200. Knowing now that it's pieced together, any clue what it's worth?
  13. Sorry that is not the picture. That is one I stole off the Internet to compare. Here are the pictures. There is a FJM I believe proof as well as a couple P and a SA.
  14. Follow up with more information. Here are some photos. The pistol is a 5" barrel but has a National Match sights, trigger and I believe barrel. The markings on the barrel I believe are M P. The serial number puts it around a 1943 make. Is this something that can be brought back to original condition or would it be more valuable the way it is now. Also if possible what would a fair price as it sits be. Thanks again
  15. I received a text message yesterday from a guy at the local gun shop. They told me that they have a Colt 1911 that they said from the serial number was made around 1940. The pictures are not the best and I cant get them to download, but looking at them it looks to be a shorter barrel than a standard 1911. Did Colt make a commander size 1911 back in the 40s that would have the military proof markings on it? I will try to stop there and get some photos and check for sure the size. Thanks again, Tony
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