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  1. Thanks Patrick. That is very enlightening and most helpful. Scott
  2. This little guy is a recent acquisition. It has Sterling clutches like those from a CIB and approximately 5/16" pins. It is simply marked "STERLING" in raised letters and does test positive as sterling silver. Would these be late WW2 - early post war vintage wings? Before the alphanumeric system was introduced in 1953. Are the sterling clutches correct or is there a CIB missing it's clutches somewhere? Can the manufacturer by determined by the design? Opinions appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  3. We're not a huge show but the focus is on quality not quantity.
  4. I found this in my inventory while cleaning out today. I originally got it from another dealer. We were both on the fence as to it's originality. I meant to take it to the MAX show but completely forgot about it. It's made of five separate pieces of stiff leather and as you can see pretty crudely constructed.
  5. We have a small show in Akron, OH on October 23rd. I will print out your photos and keep an eye out. But as has already been stated, legal action can't be initiated unless there is an official police report on file. If you have one PM the report number to me so I can refer the local PD to it if something turns up here. Scott
  6. It's almost here. The show is booked full, over 90 tables. Doesn't sound like a lot but we're known for our quality, not quantity. If you're close or going to be in the area stop in and check it out. It's FREE! There's also a great auction the day before. http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2762046&kwd=&zip=44720&category=0 Because the show is growing so fast I've had to find a new home. All of the details will be announced at the show.
  7. The Auction is almost here. I hope to see some familiar faces and some new ones. More pictures are up, check it out: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2762046&kwd=&zip=44720&category=0
  8. This patch was in a WW1 grouping. Not sure if it's military or not. Felt construction. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  9. It's hard to see but there was additional writing on the top inside. I'm guessing it was probably a name. Unfortunately it's it's so worn and faded that it's illegible now.
  10. This one measures 28" x 22". It's made of medium weight white canvas. There is a rope draw closure with two metal grommets. Not sure if it's a barracks bag or laundry bag. The writing appears to be faded paint. Not sure what the circled 11 is for.
  11. Thought I'd try and add to the knowledge base. This is a small group that I picked up today. Everything is from the estate of Tech. Sgt. Leo A. Bullinger USMCR. Sgt. Bullinger was a plane mechanic with VMSB-244. He has numerous entries on the squadron muster roll. The two patches are both painted stencils on blue felt/wool. One of which is the center section that's been cut out of another patch. The complete patch is just under 5 inches in diameter.
  12. Well I thought I had this patch identified as a Volunteer for the Women's Police Service, WW1 British. But after not being able to find any photo evidence and then running across this thread, I'm back to square one.
  13. You nailed it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_Air_Defense_Region Thanks guys.
  14. I picked this up today. According to the ASMIC charge list it is the 4th Defense Wing , Air Corps (Air Defense?) I haven't been able to find much on it. It's plastic and has a hallmark in the clear adhesive on the back but I can't make it out. Is anyone familiar with this one?
  15. I would say Mr. Emerson's statement is definitive. Thank you for the information. Scott
  16. I actually have a copy of Mr. Emerson's book. It is indeed very informative. But I couldn't find any reference to the green on green wool. These are most definitely on green wool. Unless I'm severely color blind, I don't see any hint of blue. They almost look like they could be at home on a USMC Service class A coat.
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