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  1. Anyone recognize this military academy uniform. It's driving me nuts trying to identify it. Thanks, Scott
  2. I am very happy to announce that we will have two special guests at the show. Two local authors will be selling signed copies of their books. Sgt. Robert (Bud) Sabatay wrote about his experiences as a Jewish soldier in WW2. Vietnam Veteran John R. Walker wrote about the experiences of his Father and the other Artillery Spotters in WW2. I have read both books and they are great reads.
  3. Any help IDing these would be most appreciated. They remind me of Midshipman rank but I'm pretty sure they aren't. Just a hair over 1 inch in diameter. No hallmark.
  4. As it turns out this is in fact a patch representing the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. https://combatvet.org/ You just never know what will turn up in those tailor shops. Thanks for all the help guys.
  5. This came from a tailor shop in Jalalabad along with a gazillion other patches. This one is proving quite the challenge to identify. Any help appreciated. Tnx, Scott
  6. I expanded slightly to 163 tables. Of those 111 are bought and paid for, exceeding last year's show at the old venue by 11 tables. There are still 52 tables remaining and they are going at a pretty steady pace. With two months left I don't expect there to be any left by April. Get them while you can.
  7. Spring will be here faster than you know it and with it comes the North Coast Military Collectors Spring Military Show. We've moved to a bigger venue with more space and it's in a museum! The show will be held at the Military Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) Museum at the Akron-Canton Airport, Summit County Ohio. Admission to the show & museum are free. There will be 150 tables of militaria of all types and eras. Tables are available but they are going fast. Each six foot table is $25 for the day. If you are interested shoot me an email to: sdenniss@att.net.
  8. I just looked at this thing again. The three little triangles are not stitched, they're glued. I'm pretty sure that would not be in keeping with WW1 era multi piece patch construction techniques. At least any I've seen, which doesn't mean much. I would think the technique would have been to simply stitch on a white triangle with black thread.... Looks like I just answered my own question...lol
  9. I picked this up the other day with some embroidered felt Patch King patches. They all were glued on something at some point. This particular patch doesn't have the normal characteristics of a felt Patch King patch. I'm just wondering if it might actually be an original WW1 era patch or just someone's cut and paste project.
  10. No, not at all. The more information the better. You had some very dramatic results, very impressive. Did you pick up any UV glow from the Oxiclean?
  11. I have used Woolite in the past. Usually there is a slight improvement but nothing as good as the oxiclean or Quilt soap. I did not get any glow from Woolite either.
  12. I've been buying my Orvus Quilt Soap from a vendor on ebay of all places. I can't find it locally. I think Amazon carries it too. Good idea on the vinegar. I did a few more clean water rinses and 1 hour soak in white vinegar. Followed by a long clean water rinse. Unfortunately it had no effect on the glow. I think it might of actually made it more pronounced.
  13. The Quilt Soap did a great job with no negative effects. The Oxiclean did an awesome job but now I have that pesky UV glow. Though the glow is scattered and not uniform. It's clear that it's not the fibers but something on or in them that glows. Mrs. Stewart's seems to have had no effect. And I picked up a partial glow. For now I'm not changing my cleaning regimen. I'm sticking with the Quilt Soap. I will continue to experiment with the Oxiclean and see if I can resolve the UV glow issue. So there you have it. Take it for what it's worth and feel free to comment. Regards,
  14. Well all dry and looking pretty good. The Quilt Soap did a nice job as it always has. Brightened the colors and whitened, no bleed, no fade and no glow under the UV. The Oxiclean did a great job. It really brightened the white and the other colors really pop. No bleed, no fade but I did pick up some glow under the UV light. I think that it might be a rinse issue. I'm gonna give it a few more rinses and soak it in distilled water overnight. Then I'll look at it again. The Mrs. Stewart's doesn't seem to have much effect. Plus I picked up some glow.
  15. I just pulled them out to dry after about a 14 hour soak and rinse. I'll let them dry all day and see what they look like tonight. I gotta say the Oxiclean (center) patch is looking pretty bright and clean. But it's still wet so we'll see.
  16. So they're sealed up and I put them to bed for the night at roughly 10pm. We'll see what they look like in twelve hours or so. Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel......
  17. I mixed up the three contenders. You really have to SAWG this part. There's no directions on an amount this small. I used one drop of bluing liquid to get the "sky blue" look they describe on the bottle. The Oxi and Quilt I just used a small pinch. Remember I said this was UNscientific.
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