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  1. VICTORY! I found them, persistence pays off. http://www.frontiernet.net/~ericbush/US/Njrotc.gif Naval Junior ROTC From Top to Bottom: Naval Science II Outstanding Cadet Color Guard Recruiting Thank goodness for those helpful charts. It must have taken some serious time to do them all. Hats off to the author. Thanks guys, Wedge
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I went through several charts for a couple hours last night and came up with nothing. I'll be back at it later today. If I find them I'll post my results. Wedge
  3. Here's the backs. I don't have a clue as to what the numbers & letters mean.
  4. I picked up these three little guys at an antique shop yesterday. I've been looking at charts for the last 2 hours and my eye balls are ready to bleed. Am I missing the obvious here ? or are these obscure ribbons ? Any help appreciated. TIA, Wedge
  5. Nice score bro, looks like we both had good Saturdays....
  6. Very, very nice. The stock will probably cover you expenses for the day. Awesome day, and I still got an auction tonight full of AAF stuff.
  7. Kicking rump from both ends of the country bro! I think I'm buying steaks tonight.....
  8. Folks I had a pretty good day today. This is a small sample of a Lot I bought this morning. I have three boxes to go through and a ton of research ahead. Wedge
  9. I think this is the map he made reference to in the letter above. There's quite a few of them. They fold out into three page maps.
  10. Found this in among some of my wife's Grandfathers stuff. He wrote home on the back of this card. Can anyone tell me what it is. ???? Tnx, Scott
  11. My wife was going through some old photos today and ran across these. Her Grandfather was a motorcycle (Indian) dispatch rider in France with the Fifth Division. He died when my wife and I first started dating so I never got to meet him. But I've e-mailed my brother-in-law these scans and a link. He's a member here too, maybe he can add more to the story. Just pretty cool, Scott
  12. My eyes are bleary from looking at different examples. I can't decide if this piping is: Chemical Warfare - Cobalt Blue / Golden Yellow or Army Air Corps - Ultramarine Blue / Golden Orange Right now I'm leaning towards Chemical Warfare. Opinions.......?
  13. Hi Folks, New collector here and new forum member. I'm starting my collecting of U.S. WW2 era militaria. I don't yet know what I want to focus on. Kinda all over the map right now just buying stuff that catches my eye. I know that's not a very sound collecting strategy but....... So anyway, I picked up this pair of dog tags at a garage sale the other day. I thought they were WW2 Second Type Army but the service number is throwing me off. Only seven digits, so does that make them Navy? How do I interpret the service number? How would I find info on the guy listed on the tag? Sorry i
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