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  1. 15 minutes ago, wyatt265 said:

    Ok I think the diamond and heart are tank corps patches.? I had a tank corps tunic with both the tank corps patch and the heart patch with 2 overseas stripes. Sadly not named.


    Thank you Sir. That gives me an avenue to pursue.

  2. Hi Dave,


    I am one of the curators at the MAPS museum in North Canton, Ohio. https://mapsairmuseum.org/. We currently have the MOH and companion medals of USMC PFC. Ralph Dias on display. You may also be interested in the Purple Heart and companion medals of 1st Lt. Sharon Lane. She was the only servicewoman killed in Vietnam as the direct result of enemy action.


    I would be happy to work with you if you are interested.


    Scott Denniss












  3. Hello, I'm curious as to where the story of the knife originated.


    Although the knife could've been made by an elderly farmer, it appears (at least to me) that the knife, especially the blade is very well made. I'm wondering if maybe a blacksmith from the area in which Earl L. Stauder lived might've made the knife. When looking at the 1940 Census for Earl L. Stauder, I looked through all 33 pages from that same township and came up with two Blacksmiths. There was Herman Dirks, Age 53, born in Illinois, and Otto Hoffman, Age 42, born in Germany. Those were the only two Blacksmiths by occupation that I was able to find. I find it highly unlikely that the maker of the knife will be found but just wanted to throw that out there as a possibility.


    Here's some additional information on Earl L. Stauder and his son David E. Stauder.


    Source: Find-A-Grave



    Thanks for all of the info. Dave Stauder is actually the guy who gave me the knife and told me the story. Both he and I have been trying to identify the maker. Unfortunately there's no one left in his family that has any info on it. But the two names you provided are worth investigating.

  4. I've been trying to identify the maker of this knife. It was made by a farmer in Nokomis Illinois. The story goes that he made a knife for every man from Nokomis who went off to World War Two. How many were made is not known. The knife is very well made, there are no markings on it. I don't think the sheath shown is the original. Any help appreciated.



  5. This patch was represented to me as a U.S. Navy Squadron patch. I haven't had any luck identifying it. It's 4 inches in diameter. The construction style suggests the vietnam era to me. Any insight would be appreciated.




  6. I picked up this pocket hanger today. It came out of an older VN collection. I've found three different identifications for it. South Vietnam Marine Recon, Laotian Special Guerrilla Unit and Camp Buon Blech CIDG Mobile Guerrilla Force. I'm inclined to go with the last based on the camp photo. I just wish I could read the tab over it in the photo. Curious if anyone else has a solid ID on it?



  7. Lots of new faces this time around. Several local guys thinning the herd and downsizing. Also a very large patch collection is hitting the tables. Should be an interesting show. One day only, Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Set-up is tomorrow from 10 am until 4:00 pm and Sunday beginning at 6:30 am.


    This is looking like the one show that you don't want to miss.


    *****10-19-2018 @ 9:40am. If anyone is interested I just had a couple tables open up due to a medical situation. I've satisfied the stand-by list so they will are available. But probably not for long. *****


    My contact info is on the flier above.



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