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    Military History-all eras but mostly WWII. Hot Rods, Firearms.
  1. Wow! Finally. I was telling someone about one of these! My friends father was a Seabee in the Pacific in WWII. Among all the stuff he brought home was one of these!!!!! You just brought back a flood of memories. He had an Arisaka as well and a crate of ammo for it. He never shot it so one day at the behest of his spouse, he took the crate of ammo down to a local creek and dumped the rounds in.
  2. I was watching an episode of Barney Miller (for the youthful amongst us, it was a show about NYPD detectives in the 1970s) I used to watch this show with my dad as he was an LEO at the time. In the episode The Hero, I noticed that Sgt. Chano was wearing a M41 Parsons Jacket. In an episode of Highway Patrol a mechanic was wearing a pair of side-pocket WWII HBT pants. In other episodes of Highway Patrol I've seen several A2s as well. Given the time frame these shows were made, I have no doubt the stuff was original. Anyone else catch any old militaria now that cable is re-running the old shows?
  3. I like the "new" old uniform. Pinks and Greens screams America! Hope we go to it.
  4. So yesterday as I got ready for duty I flipped the TV on to the Decades network. They were showing an old episode of the Dick Cavett Show wherein he was interviewing him and brought up his (James Garner's) Korean War service. Garner explained that his unit was on a hilltop during a Chinese/North Korean advance. Their position was cut off and in short time was now 8 miles behind enemy lines. Garner went on to say that the soldier who had their identity panels was killed or captured and they were in the middle of an air strike by US Navy Panther jets. One of them strafed his position and as he d
  5. WaA257


    Sundance, the basement in my house is kind of small and tight. Like wise for the old attached two car garage (for working on old cars anway! LOL). So to better utilize my space, I closed in my old 24ft X 24ft attached garage and made it into my bar/display area. I built a pole barn for my cars instead. I wish the glass guy would hurry up so I can fill this up!
  6. WaA257


    So several years ago I got divorced, my collection has been in storage since which sucks. I was lucky enough to buy a new house and as luck would have it, my new neighbor is a old car and gun guy like myself and his father-in-law worked with my dad on the State Police..but what is even better? He builds display cases for a living! When he found out I had a decent collection and that it was all stored away in Tupperware he said we needed to remedy that situation. He built this display case for me. It's 16ft long, 2ft deep and 8ft high. I installed the lights with a buddy the other night. Just w
  7. Wow! No joke back when I was in High School (1980-81ish) I worked at a local bowling alley here in DE. They asked me to clean out the attic/storage area and I found two cases of this exact stuff!!! No one knew why or how it got there. The manager had me throw it out of course but not before I kept one can for myself..wish I had taken more now!
  8. Not to hijack a thread but my grandfather sent a small wooden box home from the ETO with some stuff in it. It arrived at his parents house re-sealed and empty. He was PO'ed about the daggers and bayonets.
  9. Not to hijack a thread but my grandfather sent a small wooden box home from the ETO with some stuff in it. It arrived at his parents house re-sealed and empty. He was PO'ed about the daggers and bayonets.
  10. Usdog,, not to highjack a thread but that may in fact be a Dutch Luger that got there via the Japanese capture of the East Indies.
  11. WaA257

    German box

    Very nice crate. I have seen the Weimar Eagle like that on some weapons and equipment up to the late 1930's
  12. The old Newark, DE Chrysler Assembly plant was torn down a couple years ago. I know that they had a "War Floor" there and manufactured Patton tanks within. I wonder if a supply of these was found there when they tore down all of the old buildings?
  13. Take this for what it's worth, but I saw our bomb disposal unit with one extremely similar to that one years ago. They said it was French WWII era. Of course the French were in Indochina as well so if it is VC that may explain the shape....just my 2 cents.
  14. Finally, after three years in the new residence, I am getting ready to have some new display cases built in my display area. At my old house I had store type display cases with fluorescent lighting but I understand this is bad for relics. I am thinking about LED strip lighting. Does anyone on here have any experience with this type in their cases? Will it be bright enough? I'm looking at constructing a 16ft long x 7ft high by 2ft deep case with sliding glass doors. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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