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  1. I bought one like it several years ago, but I was told mine was a reproduction.
  2. eBay item number:231532085377 American medal of honor (navy)
  3. eBay item number:231532085377 American medal of honor (navy)
  4. eBay item number:231532085377 American medal of honor (navy)
  5. eBay item number:231532085377 American medal of honor (navy)
  6. Here is a photo of the cover of the November 1954 issue of Leatherneck Magazine. Take note of the Medal of Honor ribbon, the American Campaign Medal ribbon, and the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal ribbon.
  7. United States Army, and United States Air Force miniature medal sets. Anyone have the United States Navy/United States Marine Corps/United States Coast Guard miniature medal set?
  8. I know that you are more knowledgeable about "Maker Marks" than I am. Do you know who the "Maker Mark" "P-30" belongs to? I have attached a photo of a "Navy Cross Medal" with the "P-30" "Makers Mark". I also have a "Silver Star Medal" and a "Purple Heart Medal" with "P-30" stamped on the brooch.
  9. Just use "Image Resizer for Windows". Image Resizer 3 Image Resizer for Windows - Home https://imageresizer.codeplex.com/ May 31, 2014 - Image Resizer for Windows is a utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking. They have a 32-bit and a 64-bit version you may download for free. The downloaded file was scanned with multiple anti-virus utilities; no malware was detected. Always create a restore point before adding any new programs or utilities like Image Resizer 3. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date, and alwa
  10. This was on eBay a couple months ago for 399.00 USD. I contacted the seller believing it should have been listed at 39.90 USD (Maybe a typo in the listing.) Seller responded that she was aware of the average price of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Liberation of Kuwait Medal, and Ribbon with Original Case. However her Husband was in the Gulf War (1991) and was severely wounded, nearly losing both of his legs. After multiple surgeries, and months of hospitalization the legs were saved, but are not all that functional. Remaining shrapnel caused a 12 inch deep vein thrombosis that req
  11. I saw one somewhere that had 742 stamped on it. I took it to be personalized by an individual, maybe it was suppose to be for 7=July 42=1942 even though military date format is dd-mm-yy.
  12. Medal counts as first campaign, plus five additional campaigns = ribbon an one silver star.
  13. Could it be an old style Navy Cross Ribbon that had a narrow white stripe? All the WW2 ribbons will be 1 9/16" wide with a 1/8" center stripe and post 1948 the ribbon will be 1 3/8" wide. ref THE CALL OF DUTY pgs 104 - 109
  14. I have used these on enclosed pistol/rifle ranges, it's like a spotting scope to view your target. It mounts to the side of your shooting booth or your personal wooden range case. I have seen C###### numbers on the old 1911 Climax .45 caliber cleaning kits.
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