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    US WW1 uniforms, Spanish American War
  1. He has also sold an endless supply of WW1 trench clubs, most look like were made from antique table legs.
  2. He sells repros as original. Bought two and returned them. I have reported him to ebay numerous times but they won't do anything.
  3. Just bought this 79th 316 infantry helmet but has an odd symbol that I am not familiar with on the back- any thoughts as to what it is and if it is even period? The pain does look old to me but baffled by what it is. Thanks, Steve
  4. OK, now I see that the thread two below mine already addressed my question - thanks as always WW1 nerd! Steve
  5. Saw this patch on ebay, and I looked through several threads here on AA but didn't see any reference to this patch. Any thoughts as to if it is WW1 and if it is correctly ID'd as a 5th AA Machine Gun Patch? Thanks.
  6. I bought a 1902 officers artllery dress tunic, Massachusettes State buttons, and it came with these pants. I'm not sure the pants are correct for the tunic as the cloth color is a sky blue instead of the tunics very dark blue. Any ideas what tehy are and what they are worth? Thanks
  7. Chris, that is great information and very thought provoking. I have a 40th Eng helmet, and similar to the one on sale on ebay, the chameleon is a very basic outline similar to the SSI. Neither would be what I would consider the work of a professional artist (unless the artist was a sculptor and sucked at painting) Steve
  8. There is a 40th Engineers helmet for sale on eBay which looks good to me, but all of the helmets and patches I have seen have the triangle pointing down and the chameleon heads up, whereas this one is upside down compared to those. Does anyone have or have seen 40th Enginere symbol in this position? Thanks!
  9. This one is pretty rough, but I've always wanted a 101st ammo train.
  10. I'm not a patch expert, wondering if these two are legit WW1 patches. Thanks for any feedback.
  11. He also has sold numerous WW1 trench clubs, at least 7-10 in the last several months. I think there must be a lot of three legged tables in his house...
  12. I bought a US 310 disk at SOS two years ago and had to pay $70 for it, but no longer own it. If you are just looking for any numbered disks you can find quite an assortment on ebay, just be wary of any seller that has tons of them for $9.99!
  13. I don't know anything about trench knives other than that there are a lot of fakes out there- some obvious and some not so obvious. This one is in fairly rough shape, but want to know if it is legit or not as I'd like to own one at a reasonable price. Thanks for your opinions.
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