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  1. Again thank you both for sharing your knowledge on these beautiful EGAs. I can see why a collector can find them so attractive. Craig
  2. Thank you for the info. Would these have been continued to be used after 1962? I assume that officers didn’t go right out and buy the next variant when they came out. Or maybe they did if told to?? Thanks Craig
  3. Seller said he bought them both from a Navy store that went out of business in the 60s. Thanks again Craig
  4. First off I would like to thank you all for your comments and help. As promised here are better pictures. If I’m guessing right the Meyer hallmark on the dress collar EGAs would make them late 1940s? Thanks again for your help
  5. Thank You! I should have them in hand this week. I will post more pictures then, including the hallmarks. Craig
  6. I picked these up recently. I don’t have better pictures yet but they look like 1937 Dress EGAs. The Gemsco is a dress cover EGA and the Meyer are dress collar EGAs. I’m not sure I’m going to keep them or move them. I’ve looked around but have not see any NOS EGAs from the same era. Anyone have an idea what they are worth? Thanks Craig
  7. Very cool Ron! Your biker buddies are going to be jealous. Craig
  8. I was able to get a better picture of the stamp on the trousers today using a night vision camera. Indeed they are manufactured by Federal Prison Industries and seem to be dated July 31, 1942. I know there was some discussions around which USMC trouser patterns were manufactured and these were thought of as second pattern. but the date on mine is two years earlier than the example in the referenced thread.
  9. USMC Utility folders. One has a 1961 p38 attached
  10. Imperial and Made in USA engineer’s folders
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