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  1. Frankly, if this is original set it’s one of the nicer examples of an early WWII USMC helmet I’ve seen. Craig
  2. Steel pot is a early fixed bail McCord. very nice! Craig
  3. Reading through some of my notes of my great uncle's letters from the Pacific, I came across this M1 Helmet recipe. My great uncle and a fellow Marine from his mortar squad made dinner for 15 of their fellow Marines that evening. Hambergers and Helmet Stew Stew - 1/2 helmet of water - 1 packet of bouillon powder - C ration of vegetables - Fresh cherry tomato - 2 cans of meatballs and spaghetti noodles - 1 can of ham and lima beans - 1 can chicken and vegetable soup - 1 can pork and beans - 1 can me
  4. One of the Best collections I’ve seen! congrats Craig
  5. Very nice pickup, congratulations! Craig
  6. Thank you both for the help. Here are a few other pictures. It’s a FB schlueter shell with a Hood Rubber Co liner. Both have the same laundry marks but the liner also has a name on it (I’m guessing it was added later)?
  7. I’ve not seen a lieutenant marking like this before. It’s on both the shell and the liner. why is it a red elongated oval? Thanks for the help Craig
  8. Wow what a nice pick! I like the early Red Spacer Kabar. congratulations Craig
  9. could be. Someone would have gone to a lot of trouble on an already nice knife to start out with. But then again, it sold for $600.
  10. I just saw this on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/KA-BAR-MK2-Red-Spacer/193573861083?hash=item2d11e6b6db:g:HykAAOSwDO9fDjzO This is an early USMC Kabar variation I’ve not seen before. It has a red spacer next to the guard but it has a thick peened pommel. I’ve always seen the thin peened pommel on Kabar’s with a red spacer. Also notice that the handle is thicker towards the bottom and thinner closer to the tang. I’m guessing that old parts where used when this was first put together. It looks like a hybrid between the next Kabar generation. any thoughts
  11. I have reposted in FS section. Please delete. Thanks Craig
  12. Sorry Mods noticed that I did not post this in the for sale section. Please delete
  13. Grenade is manufactured by Littlestown Foundry and Hardware. Appears to have not been repainted. Complete and In good working condition but will been cotton filling and lighter fluid. asking $220 shipped CONUS US address and PayPal only. Thanks craig
  14. It could be a USMC marked belt with the markings worn off. I think this was common since the USMC marking was on the inside and constantly rubbing against the jacket. i used night vision settings on a camera to identify one that I had. See the link below. Craig
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