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  1. Hi there, what do you think about this example? Some details looked like the first one posted: Front: Back: Thanks!
  2. It's not exactly the same if you live in Europe, especially in Italy. Real steel magazine are expensive and until a couple of years ago it was also illegal to own them. Same for weapons, no way you can bring them with you at events!
  3. We had some made from another reenactor, they really look like the real deal until you look at them really close (I mean holding them in your hands)
  4. Happy you liked it! Let me know if you find something interesting at the flea market also!
  5. This topic has some really unbeliavable and stunning pics/drawings! Thanks a lot for sharing, I found really a lot of good informations pretty useful for my reenactment activities! Did you ever get in the field with 3/60th? Thanks again!
  6. Ciao Franco, I really like the display even if I think there are a couple of notes to be done, first maybe two different hand guns on the same mannequin may be "too much" and I'm not sure about how much comfortable would be wearing the canteen on the belt for a pilot. Other than that the coverall is badged with 1st Cav patch on the right shoulder (combat patch) and with a the Army Aviation Center and School SSI on the left. This means that the uniform was used by the pilot serving at the Aviation School, located in Alabama, AFTER his Vietnam service; also concerning patches Warrant officer BOS and Army tape are missing (I guess you already know that). I would also change the boots with some leather ones, jungle boots were known to be dangerous due their flammability and also the Panama sole was introduced only at the end of the war (circa '69). Hope this helps, saluti da Firenze!
  7. Not really about shopping but I know that there is a really nice museum about the Husky operation in Catania
  8. Tryng to find out something, there is a flea/antique market in Terrasini (Near Palermo) on 13th to 17th August, I think these kind of events may be the only chances to find something there. Link to facebook evente here: https://www.facebook.com/events/736726409724839/
  9. It's quite uncommon to see any militaria shops here in Italy, it would be much more easier to attend a show or similar but I don't think there are any in Sicily; in your case you may try to search in antiques shops (in italian "negozi di antiquariato" or "antiquari") if you found any and ask for military stuff. If you tell me more exactly when I when you should be there I may try to see if there is something interesting around.
  10. They have the same label indeed, so you think these are postwar pieces only for the civilian market?
  11. Hello, I've stumbled upon these two utility shirts that looks quite "strange". They share the same model, quite close to a 3rd pattern standard utility shirt with the addition of a button flap to hold the sleeve rolled up. The material is a lightweight fabric for the camo one and a ripstop poplin for the OD one, as you can see the tag shows a DSA number but it doesn't look at all an official army garment. The camo pattern looks like ERDL. Any Infos/ideas about?Can these be actual Vietnam era PX shirts or something similar?
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