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  1. What does he gain by doing this? Does he try and solicit money from them?
  2. Yeah, I guess they wouldn't be made is someone wasn't making money from them. They just strike me as the epitome of a worthless item- what a shame the time and resources were spent making such a useless thing.
  3. I'm confused about why some company even bothers to make this. No one that collects medals wants a commercial piece, and any vets still around shouldn't have any interest in a commercial design that is merely similar to what they earned. It costs money to make a design, create a die, strike, package, and ship these things. I just can't see it being worth the effort to make.
  4. I'll be the first to admit that I don't bid on too many military items on E-bay, but am I alone in thinking it strange that someone would be willing to spend over $4000 on an item that has so few close up pictures, and none of them on the insignia?
  5. Thanks for all the input. I decided to bid on the greenback and won. I really think the OD border complements this patch design.
  6. For comparison, here's one that was sold on this site. Note the stitched outline around the head. This is what I'm used to with US WWII shoulder patches. Any thoughts on the authenticity of the others?
  7. This one has an OD border and a greenback. Suspicious.
  8. I'm in the market for a Philippine Division patch, and poked on E-Bay, but I'm not getting good vibes off what they have. I think it's because the carabao head is missing the stitched outline that I'm used to seeing on WWII patches. What do you think? Here's one offering:
  9. While I'm sure that most items non-compliant with a specification were rejected, I believe that minor variations were often overlooked or allowed to pass. This variation is still common today. For example, I have seen ripstop Airman Battle Uniform trousers with three different interior pocket fabrics on the shelf at the same time at clothing sales (ripstop, camo twill, and tan twill). I've seen a similar variety of waistband fabrics; it seems random which lot from which manufacturer has which fabric. One possible reason this is that the Air Force is currently in a transition from tw
  10. Thanks everybody. I took a chance with an E-Bay listing with some grainy pictures. The seller dealt with militaria, but focused on civil war stuff, and didn't have any other wings for sale. I hoped the lack of maker marks, and clutch backs put these too low in the food chain to merit faking. I felt the short posts and WWII style clutch were good indicators too. I just thought they looked a little "soft" when I got them, so I came here. Thanks for the help, and I'm glad they were what I thought I was buying.
  11. I picked these up based on pictures, and now that I have them in hand, have my doubts. These come with short pins, and one WWII style brass clutch. The back is marked STERLING and has a glossy blackened appearance. The front appears to also have had an antiquing applied vs. natural tarnish. Overall appearance seems a bit grainy, and I'm wondering if the piece isn't cast. Any opinions?
  12. So, this auction went unsold with a BIN of $300 and a high bid of $26. Later in the day it was re-listed, and it looks like sold for a BIN of $40. Did someone get a great deal, or is this a replica? It sure looks a lot like the one on a site that apparently can't be named here. Auction W Gallery
  13. I came across this plated Amcraft wing on E-Bay. It arrived pinned through a manufacturer's card. After purchase, I noticed the seller seems to have quite a few of these, and as you can see, re-lists every couple of weeks. Once in hand, it closely matches the pictures, and the ones I have seen on this site. My concern is the catch and pin on mine seem very poorly soldered on; the catch is actually crooked. The flat spots on the front are also very shiny and "chiseled" looking. I heard a load of Amcraft wings hit the market a few years back. Should I be worried? Amcraft Auction
  14. I came across a common set of "graduation" wings that someone had thoughtfully cleaned. How much is the value reduced, and are they even worth picking up? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I lucked out- two auctions without really knowing what to look for and I came out all right.
  16. These were the second of two purchases I made on a whim on E-Bay before realizing how prolific the faking of wings is. From feedback here it looks like I did OK on the first purchase, and these arrived today and I wanted to get opinions. They came from a seller that didn't deal in militaria of any sort, and it looked like she picked up a couple sets of wings somewhere. The pin has a cam stop and is quite soft. The pictures are a little deceiving, the back is actually fairly smooth and the stampings are crisp. I am concerned that the edges of the back look polished, and don't have the
  17. Hi all, I've picked up a couple of wings over the years, and for some reason the bug bit me this weekend, and I bought a small lot on EBay of 2 inch shirt sized wings. After a little research here, I've learned that the senior pilot wings are from at least the 50's. What I would like to know is if the bombardier and technical observer wings are real and the time period. I have to admit that reading the threads here has made me a little gun shy- it seems like there are more fake than real wings. I paid $37 shipped for the lot, so it doesn't seem very lucrative to me to fake these.
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