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  1. kmc1945


    Ok thanks for the link. Like I said, I was pretty sure it was garbage
  2. Thanks guys! I'll probably write 'reproduction' or something on the back in sharpie so in case it ever leaves my hands it won't pollute the market.
  3. kmc1945


    Friends: Have had this for about 15 years. Came with a khaki twill 82nd patch and a gauze, 48 star sleeve invasion flag. Can't even remember where I got them; it was when I first started collecting. I'm 90% sure this is a phony but just posting here to make sure. I know there is a lot of debate over if this type of cricket was ever issued or if only issued to 82nd troopers (and further debate over where the 82nd was ever even issued crickets, it just being a myth propagated by The Longest Day, etc etc). I do think it's interesting in that I can see flecks of red paint underneath what loo
  4. I think the ending price on this confirms a lot of the suspicion
  5. Friends, I would appreciate any opinions on this patch. I believe it to be a one piece, cut edge, khaki twill (obviously has had the center cut, as they would have worn them). What I do NOT know is if this is a repro. Looks different from other, original examples I have seen especially in the backing. What I can tell you is that I have had it for about 15 years. Any opinions good or bad would be appreciated! Note: I unfortunately do not have a UV light that is functioning at the moment. I realize that is the obvious first step. If there are mixed opinions I will certainly track down a wo
  6. Mike, pretty much every artifact in the place was used/owned by a healthcare/medical personality. I can try to get pics of the helmet if I have time to go back down there. It was your standard M1917 'doughboy' helmet and the placard next to it indicated that it was worn by an Army Nurse while she helped move the wounded near the front lines. One of her uniforms was in the case next to it. The more amazing part to me was that this stuff was in the portion of the facility that it in 'moth balls' so to speak (conference rooms that no one uses, creaky-floored hallways, etc.). Literally forgotten h
  7. Mods- please feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum, if necessary. Well I guess this can be considered a 'find' even though I do not own it. The hospital I work at is huge with a lot of administrative catacombs, etc that I don't usually get to see because I don't normally venture too far from the ORs. Had to go see somebody in admin the other day and imagine my surprise when I see this flag framed in a back hallway, out of sight. I wanted to share it with you all. Thought it's interesting that it has gold fringe, almost like a ceremonial or color guard flag instead of the nor
  8. Wait...what is so special about this? Am I missing something? Or are you guys just being sarcastic. I hope it's the latter.
  9. I have a Mac and use an App called "Batch Image Resizer". It works fine (the free version only lets you do 3 pics at a time, though), however like most resized pics the images turn out fairly grainy so it's not gonna be a great option if you're selling something on which you wish to show fine detail. Kyle
  10. Well certainly, a collector is going to WANT the unopened box but that doesn't mean that an opened one isn't desirable. I've come across several of these over the years and most have been opened. You gave to remember-- these were sold as surplus after the war and bought by farmers, emergency shelters, etc. They were purchased to be used. I would argue that as long as the inner wax package is still intact and all contents are there, it's not really a big deal that the outer box is opened. A purist collector might care, but there are plenty of others who would love to own it. So to answer your q
  11. Hey Kyle, that K ration is a real score. If complete, that alone is worth 100-125 at a minimum. If you ever decide to sell/trade for it, let me know. Best congrats on the haul. Amazes me that this kind of stuff turns up. I mean, who the heck keeps a 70 year old box of food?! Haha
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