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  1. Thanks to you both I agree about the absence of longitude lines. I was just puzzled about the" Department of ". The Haiti poker story was good also, probably got it later in life. Regards, Tim
  2. A friend asked for help on this coin his USMC Grandfather had. The story was he won it in a poker game while in Haiti. I guess this is pre 1921, as it states Department of the Marine Corps. Size is 2.75 inches diameter, and .25 thick. Anyone seen this one before or know any history, Tim
  3. I have a USMC Group to Bayard L. Bell which includes his USMC Expeditionary MNo 2510 for your list. Tim
  4. Just saw this thread, looked through the lists and did not see this one. One of 5 posters I have, and this is my best one. Tim
  5. I got this Expert Rifleman badge and was trying to identify this maker mark. I have searched the forum for a post with different Hallmark ID listings but can not find. Can someone tell me the maker, and date of manufacture. I am guessing post 1925 because of the locking latch. Thanks Tim
  6. Thanks I will go with Gas and Flame, I have seen G as Guide.
  7. I found this cap in a garage at a old house. It is not a coarse wool, leather sweat band no marking, pin back disk. patch is 1-1/2" diameter. Is this post WWI? Thanks, Tim
  8. I found this armband in one of my old trunks, forgot I had it. I believe it is WWI, what is G&F? Tim
  9. Just to verify, if a Marine spent his entire enlistment with 7th Reg, 71st Company stationed in Cuba 1917 through 1919. He would get WWI Victory with a West Indies Clasp Rope border, correct? Separation Date 9/6/1919, when did they note this award on discharge paperwork? Tim
  10. Thanks guys I will try the JB Weld first and send a before and after. Since I will have it in a case I doubt it will get much tension on it. Tim
  11. I recently purchased a Philippine Campaign Medal that has the ring suspension broken away from the medal. I would like to reattach the medal to the ring. The ring is complete and you can see the spot it attached to the medal. What is the best process? Welding, Brazing, Soldering, or Adhesive? Does heating the medal effect the tone/color? My buddy is a machinist but has never done this before and is looking for any guidance. Thanks for your help. Tim
  12. ​At the price he is selling this button, I would ask for a more specifics. Size of the button and straight on photos. The anchor looks larger than others I see pictured, maybe it is the angle. I would suggest you look on some Civil War Dealer sites and see if you can match. I have never seen an actual Civil War Marine button. I would see if you find anymore Hortsmann marked to compare. I wondered about the amount of verdigris also, on dug buttons I find by the time I clean the dirt off most of the verdigris is gone.
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