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  1. Great find! Thanks for sharing. Awesome how the trouser stripe ends at the pocket. Was this a common feature or unique to this maker?
  2. Thanks for the input, guys. I figured I couldn't go wrong with the cap since they only wanted a couple of bucks.
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on this forage cap? I picked this up at a sale over the weekend and have no information at all. It was labeled as a reproduction, but I'm unsure of what maker it could be due to the high quality. It obviously has age to it. The wool is very fine with a tight weave and almost has the feel of being original. Burlap is sewn as a stiffener for the sweatband and the leather chin strap is razor thin. The brim is also a very thin leather? Size is approximately a 7 or slightly smaller. The lining is cotton, but doesn't appear to be a polished cotton. It is comi
  4. Looks great! I agree that the racks are an awesome idea for storage and display. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I was looking for some display ideas for an upcoming Memorial Day display. Great job with this one! Agree that the natural light adds so much to the picture.
  6. Having lived in Gettysburg for a number of years in the 1990's and early 2000's, I would suggest parking and walking the town. There are a ton of shops to browse (many bad, but some are great), and by walking you are sure to find the gems. The Horse Soldier on Steiwehr Avenue is basically a museum for sale and not to be missed.
  7. That's my issue. It seems that if the words "military items" are listed in the ad, every Tom, Dick and Harry shows up. It's the crowds that do me in some weekends.
  8. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Nice looking Mitchell covers. They appear to be minty!
  10. And here is a picture of my dad in the barracks. Again, the Manchu patch is visible above the name tape. Thanks, Matt
  11. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but I don't have access to a scanner right now. This first picture shows a member of my dad's squad while completing a field exercise. The Manchu patch is visible above the name tape. :
  12. I actually spoke to my dad just before posting as I couldn't remember the position of the Manchu patch. I do have his photo album from Alaska and will try to post some pictures later today. There are a couple taken out in the field where the Manchu patch is clearly visible. Thanks Matt
  13. Sorry, but I just saw this topic tonight. My dad was in the 1st BG / 9th Inf at Allison Air Force Base (AK) and later moved down to Ladd Air Force Base (AK) in 1959-1960. He was provided the Manchu patch to be worn on their fatigue uniforms over the name tag and not over the "US Army" as shown in the initial post. Perhaps this practice changed over the decade. Here is a picture of some of his patches in a shadow box: Thanks Matt
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