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  1. To honor family members who served in France during the Great War: From left: Captain AJ Barnett chats with AJ Dufield as Leslie Barnett secures equipment. The Barnett brothers were my Grandfather and Great Uncle. AJ Dufield was the grandfather of my brother in law. They probably never met, but it was fun to put them all together in my imagination.
  2. Thanks for the info! Can you help with the significance of the 4 the 13 and the C? An Armored Training class? .
  3. Hello -- Can you experts out there identify what unit is in this picture. Is it Armored Cavalry? What Regiment, Battalion , etc.? I assume it is Troop C. Thanks so much.
  4. Manny First I paint the base with blue/green poster paint. Then spread out some clear latex caulking that you get at the hardware store for home repairs. It takes a few days to dry clear.
  5. Our son is a FF/Paramedic and a member of the Barnstable County Technical Rescue Dive Team. In January he assisted the USCG Aids to Navigation Team Woods Hole with some work on a buoy outside of Chatham Harbor here on Cape Cod. I thought it would be fun to combine my inordinate maternal pride with my interest in esoteric military modeling. The divers were bashed from the old Heller "Frogmen" kit. The Coast Guard crew were bashed from the Trumpeter LCM figures. And I scratch-built the 26' Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat.
  6. Another 1/35 display to honor my dad, MSgt. William B. Gould of the 8th Weather Squadron, Narsarsuaq Army Air Base, Greenland. The pilots are the new ICM USAAF Pilots. The other two figures are from the Master Box "Europe, 1945" kit. This kit actually has four figures -- a AAF officer and an 82nd Airborne enlisted man, with two pretty girls. The pretty girls went into the spares box and I had to use some foil tape to tailor the bloused jump boots of the EM into a pair of USAAF britches. I thought this would go well with my previous posted work of the Weather crew launching the
  7. Oh, no, the LCVP is the Italeri 1/35 kit! I replaced the crew with the Trumpeter figures. The Infantry is a mix of Master Box, Dragon and Trumpeter from my "stable." I had to fabricate 22 little M25 Assault Gas Mask Bags for them. I used paint to outfit them all in the M 41 field jacket, so please don't look too carefully at the pockets and the length because there are quite a few M 43s in there. Also painted M38 leggings over the double buckle boots that many of the figures came with. The beach is Cape Cod sand mixed with white glue. The water is clear silicone caulking from the hardw
  8. Pvt. Burnell W. Coolen of Brewster, Mass. and the 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, which landed at Utah Beach on D-Day, 1944. Tragically, he was killed in action two weeks later during the Division's drive to capture the port of Cherbourg.
  9. 2nd Lt. Harvey A. Goss was from Harwich, Mass. He was a Platoon Leader of the 3rd Platoon, Company H, 3rd Battalion,1st Marines, 1st Marine Division. He had joined the Company HQ at Hagaru-ri, awaiting transfer, when it came under attack by the Chinese. He was killed in action 29 November 1950. To honor him, I put together a 1/35 diorama depicting a motorized patrol during the Chosin action.
  10. AAF service personnel are not a subject usually portrayed in commercially available 1/35 figures. These little fellas were from the Bastogne set (the guy in the Mackinaw, who is holding a little clipboard I made instead of the M1 Garand that came with the figure), and the Wehrmacht Ski Troops, from which the little fur cap came as well as (with a bit of modification) the olive D2 cold weather parkas. Oh and you can't buy a 1/35 ML-474 Theodolite either -- I spent a couple of nights fabricating that. This vignette is to honor my late father, MSgt. William Gould of the USAAF 8th Weather Squa
  11. I am working on 1/35 dioramas to honor local men who were killed in action from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan. This latest represents 1st Lt. Walter "Skip" Daley of Brewster, MA. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions on 1 February 1967 with the 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam.
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