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  1. I figured you had as much. If there isn't anything really specific in the E Co roster, I'll check out a book I own that was written by an E Company veteran. I don't think it was printed in any sort of large quantity. Good, firsthand information in it nonetheless. Maybe Rick also has a copy, but I'll check mine tomorrow. Best, Cole Evensky
  2. Danny, I saw your post and figured I could give you a response pretty quickly. I don't know how much more information you want than is on this roster: But everything you said is there in his information.
  3. Yes, that always gets a chuckle out of me. Wish we still had it, he did away with most of his souvenirs (captured flag, Luger, that pin, and probably more) I don't know if he sold them or if they're lost somewhere in a box, but we've been through most if his stuff so they probably belong to somebody else now.
  4. Thank you! It makes me proud to hear you say that. I learned all of this about my grandpa shortly after he passed a few years ago. A very long, sad, yet interesting turn of events brought my interest to my family's involvement in WWII. I read a good book written by a 325th veteran. Some of the things they did, I haven't seen such intense things in movies. Yet I remember him as the quiet man who often fell asleep watching the news when he visited. It's awful to know that I missed out on all of the stories from North Africa to Germany.
  5. Tell me if you ever find any of my grandpa's things! He was in the 325th GIR of the 82nd airborne and I have a newspaper article about his fighting in Nijmegen.
  6. If anyone is still interested, here's a period photo of my grandfather with his two stars on it. And here they are present day reapplied. He didn't keep his Ike.
  7. I'll send some in when I get back to the States. My grandfather was in F Company of the 325th. I may have some or maybe in their "yearbook" type thing.
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