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    Allen D Shell, Tech 4. American Unit Patches. 487 Port Battalion. American Helmets/Gear.
  1. Been said, poor pictures, dose it come with a liner
  2. A nice piece of history, thank you for sharing
  3. The biggest ever army manoeuvres In 1935, the British army used the gas alarm rattle, to simulate the noise of gunfire to save on ammunition.
  4. Hi capa Wish I could say, I was going. Welshman 70th Anniversary Events - National D-Day Memorial
  5. All that snow and he don't look cold , great photos
  6. Hi What's your feelings on this one, I picked it up for $58.02, that's £35.00 to me, its going to end up being framed, I think a genuine one would have cost me around £250.00 Welshman
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