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  1. obal7

    USMC H&H patch help

    Thanks for all of your help.
  2. obal7

    USMC H&H patch help

    Interesting. Thanks. Make sense.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. I recently picked up a WW 2 USMC grouping of pins, rank insignias, EGAs etc. also included was a thick USMC clutch back gold thread embroidered Marine type patch. ( it still has the H&H sticker with its 631 Ser.) I was hoping if anyone has seen anything like this, that can advise, what exactly I have, its purpose, and if it has any purpose other than a display. I have never seen something a patch like this with the clutch back. I would seem that it is supposed to be somehow worn? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. I recently picked up a WW2 Marine grouping of pins, rank bars , EGA s etc and this smaller version of USMC Gold clutch back wings were included. I read a few of the very informative posts about USMC para wings and the makers and codes, but I am not sure as exactly what I have, and the era of use. I am also wondering if these were ever worn on uniforms, dress and/or service uniforms?
  6. Thanks for all of your thoughts and input..
  7. Thanks for all of your help. YES.. this liner has some strange details, that I have not come across. As I mentioned, I am not sure that the liner is original to the shell... But, as you mentioned, I assume that the helmet is Vietnam era.. Thanks.
  8. I acquired, a while back, an M1 Helmet , that may appear to be a Paratrooper M1-C that has Paratrooper chin straps (WW2 Era? one almost torn off), Helmet is a rear seam and has heat stamp 1 0463 a few inches from the helmet lip. The annoying white paint on the helmet was apparently there when the helmet was discovered in an attic. The liner, that was found in the helmet, that fits tightly, may or may not be married to the helmet. The liner only marking is a plus sign (+) where maker marks are found. There is no snaps for the paratrooper chin strap in the liner, there is no eyelet hole in the front under the taped on #10. It has a narrow "A" chinstrap webbing and the chin strap is nylon. The stamp on the back of the webbing of the sweatband is faint and unreadable. Any help identifying this helmet and liner would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts, ideas theories are welcome.
  9. A relative came across this Metropolitan (District of Columbia) Inaugural Police Badge. The Aunt, who acquired this badge obtained it during the 1941 FDR Presidential Inauguration, In Washington DC. I realize this is not a "Military Badge", but since it is war time era, I was hoping to get some help as to the authenticity and any other information, ideas, rarity, value and thoughts about this badge.
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