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  1. Thanks gentlemen. Clean it up or leave it as is?
  2. What was the finish on a Type III scabbard? The one I picked up is black paint and rust but I don't think either is correct. Question number two, "restore" or leave it?
  3. I've read suggestions on line but I wanted to get opinions from here. This isn't the first sling leather problem you guys have dealt with.
  4. It's very locked into the folded position, probably been that way for decades. Maybe slowly add more weight over a few days, till it flattens out?
  5. I received a WWI leather sling with extremely flat folds from storage. The folds don't match up to the sling mounts on the rifle I want to mount it on. What is the best way to remove them?
  6. Thank you gentlemen, for the help.
  7. So G &K 1918 with inspector mark J C is probably correct?
  8. Maybe a G & K 1918 with inspector stamp?
  9. Any guess as to maker or date?
  10. Got the picture thing figured out.
  11. I found a brass stripper clip with patent dates stamped on it. Dates are 1904, 1905,and 1906. Sorry no pictures.
  12. It doesn't have a metal tip on the end of the belt either. It's like hard dry paint.
  13. No markings on snaps (both parts). All metal is brass.
  14. Found in a box of stuff. No markings. Any info would help. Thanks
  15. I wasn't talking about you. you clicked on the pictures.
  16. All I get is not allowed to post pictures. If it's to much trouble to click twice, don't bother.
  17. No markings on any part. Brass keeper(?). Is it all or part U.S. or foreign. No outside image hosting allowed on the forum. Edited by tarbridge.
  18. Uncle Sam's is where I got it. It to has a rack number on the front and an eight digit number scratched on the back, of the scabbard. Thanks again.
  19. I picked up a combat knife marked "US Ontario". I know it is post Nam and USGI. The sheath has a rack number. What is the offical name? What are the dates of issue? What branches were they issued to? Thanks in advance for the info.
  20. Thanks Gary. That whole fiscal year and poor math skills makes my head hurt.
  21. the month is what I can't figure.
  22. Can anybody date 1905 bayonets RIA Serial #394327 and SA Serial #27632 by year and month?
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