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  1. I found this mess kit marked U.S.1942 with the Owens-Illinois Glass Company logo? Is this military issue or a commercial product? I read some history on the Owens-Illinois co. and it stated that O-I started the Owens-Illinois Can Company to produce canned goods for the war, heres the link, https://www.utoledo.edu/library/canaday/exhibits/oi/OIExhibit/whiskey.htm Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. This is for sale on eBay they not asking a lot for it but I am not up to par on beogam. It just looked like the WWII hbts with the oversized chest pockets and 13 star buttons.
  3. Thanks. But after racking my brain trying to enlarge the pictures I owe myself!!
  4. I'm not sure if this is Beogam or not. Any help identifying would be of help.
  5. It's hard to tell from pics but there is no watch pocket. Is there a market for these I'm assuming they r reproduction made. If so what kinda value would these be worth. Thanks
  6. This is a pair of hbt trousers from Western Costume. If anyone could give their opinion on these I would greatly appreciate it. I can't find a Western Costume stamp just the bar code. There appears to have been a disagreement on there overall size. It's written in red 34x33 then in black 36x33. There is a garment care tag that has 36 on it. I will try to post pics.
  7. I used to enjoy bashing. I wish I had taken pics of the dioramas I did. I have since sold all my 1/6 scale figures. I just posted on a 1/35th thread about peaking my interest. I think I'm about to go in debt again!!!
  8. The detail is amazing!! I used to mess around a little with 1/6 scale figures and dioramas. However they take up so much space. It's been about 10 years since I've done anything but seeing these vignettes has really peaked my interest!
  9. If it's not too much trouble is there any way you could look for a name for me. I have been researching my grandfathers service in WWII. He received his training in the Tank Destroyers as well. He was sent to te Philippine Islands as well but I have very little information on him and the NARA had only his discharge papers that were incomplete. His name was Vernon Little, Jr. Thanks
  10. Thanks Teufelhunde I'll keep an eye out for the early clutch-fasteners if I happen to run across any. I can see that collecting USMC militaria takes a keen eye and a lot of experience. I really appreciate all the help from you guys and hope I can share some EGA's when I get my hands on them.
  11. Thanks Brig. That clears things up a little more. I really appreciate the info. I am new to collecting USMC militaria and some of this stuff is kinda Greek to me. I recently purchased a small lot of USMC items, a set of Alphas with some extra button up shirts, couple of neck ties, utility trousers, khaki overseas cap, wool overseas cap and two HBT covers with the open EGA. I purchased these thinking they were WWII items but after reading the reference forums I am pretty certain they r late Korean War or post-KW items.
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