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  1. I found this mess kit marked U.S.1942 with the Owens-Illinois Glass Company logo? Is this military issue or a commercial product? I read some history on the Owens-Illinois co. and it stated that O-I started the Owens-Illinois Can Company to produce canned goods for the war, heres the link, https://www.utoledo.edu/library/canaday/exhibits/oi/OIExhibit/whiskey.htm Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. This is for sale on eBay they not asking a lot for it but I am not up to par on beogam. It just looked like the WWII hbts with the oversized chest pockets and 13 star buttons.
  3. Thanks. But after racking my brain trying to enlarge the pictures I owe myself!!
  4. I'm not sure if this is Beogam or not. Any help identifying would be of help.
  5. It's hard to tell from pics but there is no watch pocket. Is there a market for these I'm assuming they r reproduction made. If so what kinda value would these be worth. Thanks
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