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    WW1 & WW2 US Uniforms and Insignia. Especially interested in US Coast Artillery items.

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  1. I'm also sorry to hear this. RIP Betty.
  2. Not surprising about the people at TIOH. They are good at what they do but I wouldn't expect them to know a lot about obsolete insignia. The real experts on uniforms and insignia are the collectors on this forum and others like it. I'm sure you will agree that we study this stuff for the love of history and our hobby. I would bet that many of us have been collecting longer than some of the people at TIOH have been alive. At the end of the day they leave their job and do whatever their passion is. We go home from our jobs and pursue our collecting hobby. I have fell asleep more than once in my
  3. I agree with Brian. Scan it for posterity and sell copies to those interested. Who did the General serve with during the war?
  4. Love that 213th Coast Artillery!
  5. 245th Coast Artillery, NYNG. My two uncles at Ft. Wright in 1938. For your reference, my avatar is the 245th.
  6. When I was growing up, my dad and his WW2 buddies were the "young guys". The WW1 vets were probably in their 60's then but they looked a lot older to me. I still had a grandfather that was in WW1. I heard a lot of stories from grandpa but now I wish I had asked more questions. As a kid I thought these guys would be around forever. God Bless the Doughboys. Dan
  7. Brock, I have a couple of WW2 CAC uniforms and one piece that is pre WW1, a M1907 overcoat with 1st Class Gunner insignia and marked in ink inside is 52 Co CAC. It is another example of the gunner insignia applied with the cross stitching. I can send you pics of the overcoat if you like. Dan
  8. I'm a Coast Artillery collector too. It's always been my main area of interest. My dad started his military time in the 245th CA, NYNG (my avatar) before WW2. I have a few CAC uniforms but not nearly enough, isn't that always the way? The uniform you have here could very well be pre WW1, the rimless buttons make me want to say so. It is a very clean example with the beautiful cross stitching on the rank and rating insignia. I for one will be looking forward to you book. Dan
  9. Beautiful Coast Artillery uniform. If you ever want to sell or trade.....please keep me in mind. Dan
  10. I was fortunate enough to get there in conjunction with a business trip 6 years ago. It is a sacred and reverent place. Even though there is a big city built up around the Alamo, you won't be disappointed. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas do a fantastic job keeping the structures and the memory alive.
  11. 181 years ago today. God bless the defenders of the Alamo.
  12. Most amazing indeed. Both the jacket and MG Pugh. I have never seen a better Class A Dress Green jacket.
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