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  1. Unknown CPT Piazza. Nice photo that has been hand colored, wearing a theater made CIB.
  2. No. A lot of interest in the larger one, but I wanted to sell as a set.
  3. Here's a pic of my table and helper! He bought a few things at the show for himself, many thanks to the dealers who took the time to talk to him and share their knowledge.
  4. Here are the backs. Both insignias are screw backs like the others I have.
  5. I found two more examples of CIBs with unit insignia attached. The crest on top is still unknown to me.
  6. A very good show today, and great to see some friends again. Sales were better than I’d hoped for. Things started slow but the hall had a good crowd by lunch. I forgot to take pics..... Many thanks to George, Ko, Larry, & Terri for deciding to postpone and not cancel.
  7. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! I’ll have a table this time, I’m hoping for a good turnout. Like Jim pointed out, this is really a great show and I always manage to find some nice pieces.
  8. Nice badge, appears to have most of the silver finish still intact
  9. I'll finish with a picture of 1SG Butler, CIB probably from Korea but possibly WW2!
  10. Pictures of soldiers; note the M-14 and the M-60 in first picture as well as the mix of uniforms/headgear in the second. The caps have 32nd DIs on them. The caption says "All right, who stole my M-19" typo for M-16?
  11. LT with nice theater-made Ranger Tab
  12. BN Commander, 11th ABN combat vet and BN XO MACV vet.
  13. Another yearbook. This is from 2nd BN "Bruisers", 1968
  14. Here's another similar patch from the 555th Field Artillery. I pulled this picture off eBay.
  15. here’s another! http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/245574-5th-rct-pick-ups/
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