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  1. 7th ID Christmas menu, showing unit crest of the 32nd.
  2. Very neat memo. Shows the early confusion about the badge, including the name! It is interesting that it references circular 322, that is another one I will look for. This is a recommendation for award, not the actual award. This is to the Regimental Commander who had the approval authority. Very cool, thanks for adding. I have not seen many period documents (memorandums, orders, etc..) referencing the CIB
  3. Here’s some period commentary on the subject....
  4. I will add that I have this same debate before to no avail; some people just want their veteran friend/relative to have a CIB and nothing changes their mind. We should remember that not being awarded a CIB takes nothing away from an individuals wartime service. The CIB was created to boost Infantry morale during hard times in the Pacific, North Africa and Italy when US Infantrymen made up only about 14% of all service members overseas but accounted for over 50% of all US casualties.
  5. Prior to these documents, the War Department published “Circulars” pertaining to many things, including the CIB. The book by Tucker cites War Department Circular #269 as stating that the CIB is for “Infantry Personnel”. I have not been able to find copies of the various circulars issued in 1943 & 44 that pertain to the CIB. this debate comes up often, but only Infantrymen were eligible to be awarded the CIB. it is also very possible that early on, some commanders attempted to award CIB to non-infantry personnel under their command. This was especially true in
  6. AR 600-35 dated August 1945 describes the CIB, but does not go into award criteria.
  7. Here is AR 600-70 from March 1954, this is the earliest AR that I have found a copy of that includes the CIB.
  8. Unknown CPT Piazza. Nice photo that has been hand colored, wearing a theater made CIB.
  9. No. A lot of interest in the larger one, but I wanted to sell as a set.
  10. Here's a pic of my table and helper! He bought a few things at the show for himself, many thanks to the dealers who took the time to talk to him and share their knowledge.
  11. Here are the backs. Both insignias are screw backs like the others I have.
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